Where is Middle Earth?


About Peru...

Peru is a mountainous region full of deep valleys and gorges. Although the terrain is mostly rocky and hilly, there are flat areas in Peru, especially where the main cities and towns are. Even though this is true, the Andes mountains arch over all of Peru. The Andes mountains is one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world. Although the terrain is varied, the language is not. Their main language in Peru is Spanish. Even though there are people who speak Quechua or Aymara, there are very few. There is a lot of Indian Tribe action in Peru, and that includes dances, spiritual rituals, and other tribal activities.

The Terrain of Peru...

The main reason I chose Peru for my Middle Earth is the terrain and weather. The land is rocky and the weather is on and off. In the winter it snows a lot and is very cold. In the summer it is hot on the hills of the plains but with a slight breeze. But the Andes mts shield Peru from monster storms and hurricanes from the coast. Also, the poeple are very simular to the people in the Hobbit, not like elves and Goblins, but the people vary. They vary in language and religion. So from all of this information, Peru is a perfect place for Middle Earth.

Why is Peru a good Middle Earth?

There are multiple reasons why Peru is a good Middle Earth, well, a perfect Middle Earth. Its people are diverse just like the people and races in the Hobbit. I'm not saying there are Goblins and Elves in Peru, but I'm saying in terms of religion, customs, traditions, and specific ethnic groups. Not to mention the land, for it is also diverse, with many resources. Rivers, mountains, valleys, hills, plains, gorges, and ridges. Its got forest, dry plains, and even rainy coastal areas. Even though this is true... the Atlas Mountains protect most of Peru from ocean storms and currents. The are some wet parts of Peru, but most is dry... but arable. In the hobbit, people farmed and lived in varied amount of types of houses, just like in Peru. The Hobbit lived in houses in the ground, Goblins lived in tunnels and caves, and so did trolls. The elves however lived in valleys, and would represent the farmers of Peru. All in all, Peru is a great place for Middle Earth. Some people may disagree with me, but just look at the country, its people, it`s land, and maybe you`ll change your mind.

made by: Luke Bradberry

The main reason why I think Peru is a good Middle Earth is because of its landscape and people.
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