Egypt's Democracy

By: Hannah Rohrbaugh


Egypt's democracy is like a wounded bird. The people have no control or say about anything that happens in Egypt. Egypt has an opinion leader, and almost all the Egyptians call their leader a dictator. Since the Egyptians think they are being lead by a dictator, the Egyptians decided to start a boycott and the Egyptians walked down the streets and said what they thought what was happening.

How Egypt's Democracy Could Effect My Future

Egypt's democracy could effect my future because if all the Egyptians start to think that the US is also dictating them, they could start a war, and we would be in trouble. Also because we get a lot from Egypt and if they get angry with the US, they could cut off our supplies we get from them.

Some Additional Pictures on How Egypt Feels About Their Democracy

Frequently Asked Questions about Egypt's Democracy

Question 1. Is Egypt's government a soaring eagle or a falling duck?

Answer 1. Egypt's government is right in the middle, Egypt's government is not lead by the best leader, but it is getting better with the help of the US.

Question 2. Is Egypt run by a dictator?

Answer 2. That is fully your opinion, the people of Egypt think so and the people in Egypt want democracy not dictatorship.

About the Writer

Hannah Rohrbaugh is a swimmer and soccer player. She loves the color blue and her little brother Tyler.