Pupil Personnel Services

September, 2021 Vol. 4

Check Out My Art Work, By Tristan Grant

Check this out!

We all show our strengths in different ways!

Check out this beautiful art work from Tristan Grant. Tristan is a kindergarten student and loves to express himself though his work work. Great job, Tristan!

Child Find & Student Find

September is Suicide Awareness Month

Many people around us struggle with mental health issues in their daily lives. Some may not even be apparent to us in our daily interactions. September is Suicide Awareness Month. Be aware! Check out this link for helpful information.

and... follow these easy steps to support your loved ones: Ask; be There, keep them Safe, Help they Stay Connected, and Follow up.

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Finding Local Resources for children with Autism

Autism Support Centers

Autism Support Centers are funded by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services as home agencies for people who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The support centers are the "front door" for families. Supports include help with the eligibility process for DDS, information and referral resources, support groups, and trainings and programs.(taken from https://disabilityinfo.org/offices/autism-support-centers/)

Opportunity to Volunteer

As mentioned in the last email blast, the Office of Pupil Personnel Services is seeking parental volunteers for interview committees. We have secured some grant funded positions and I am seeking volunteers for a few hiring committees (middle and high adjustment counselors for therapeutic classrooms, elementary Speech & Language Therapist and 504 Coordinator). For the work related to the special education Disproportionalities, we have needs for volunteers related to Restorative Justice and Early Learning Coach Positions. Please reach out with interest or questions!