Career and Technical Education News

vol. 3 February 2020

Mission Statement

CTE (Career Technical Education) is learning that works for

Oregon. CTE is helping our nation meet the very real and

immediate challenges of economic development, student

achievement, and global competitiveness.

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Events and Guest Speakers

Wacky Wednesday Lunchtime Events:

2/5- Biomedical Sciences: inflatable lungs and the brain in a jar for students to experience.

Guest Speakers:

Biomedical: Jacob Hull, a product designer come and advise students on prototypes.

Program Highlights

Sustainable Agriculture and Urban Farming and Mad Roots Garden Club

This semester in the Sustainable Agriculture Program students started a garden at the new Marshall Campus. They were able to grow enough vegetables to do 3 school-wide produce giveaways, ferment their vegetables, and do cooking projects. We went on a field trip to Kadinky Family Farm where students students prepared a huge garden meal to share, complete with farm flower bouquets. Our chickens have been guest visitors in the courtyard several times and we are working on bringing a small flock to the courtyard for the rest of the year. Spring is around the corner and we are preparing for our annual plant sale.




Design and Applied Arts

Foundations of Ceramics has been carving Sgraffito Mugs and gaining confidence on the wheel. Intermediate Ceramics and Sculpture has just finished Organic Abstraction Sculptures and is now working on Expressive Portraits. 3D design has finished making water fountains and has now moved on to wood carving owls. Textiles finished a quarter of dying fabric where they used tiedye techniques, Shibori with indigo, and Batik.


Computer Science

The focus of Computer Science classes is coding in various languages, with some 3D modeling and animation. Follow @madcspdx on Instagram for more student work!


Biomedical Sciences

In Biomedical Innovations, we had Jacob Hull, a product designer come and advise students on prototypes that they are building for their latest in-class mission. Students will build and test their prototypes in the Mad Makerspace, come up with a marketing strategy, and present them on Tuesday, Feb 8th at 8:30 AM in Room C-10. All are welcomed to attend the presentations.

In Human Body Systems, students learned the structures and functions of the eye by dissecting a cow's eye in class. Pictures attached. Only three students and one binder were squirted with eye juice during the dissections.


Education Preparation

Future Educators are executing on their mentoring plan!

Culture Community Connect, a project planned by Education CTE student Jenny Gomez Garcia and other Madison Seniors, partners Freshmen with upperclassmen to provide Social Emotional Supports and mentoring during this important first year.

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Digital Design



Madison Construction students were able to complete a site visit at Kellogg Middle School during the rebuild. While on the visit, students learned firsthand information about the building process while job shadowing industry professionals from multiple trades.
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Biomedical Sciences- Erik Mellgren

Construction- Don Elwell

Computer Science- Tamara O'Malley

Digital Design- Randy Maves

Design and Applied Arts- Susan Russell

Education Preparation- Nicola Onnis

Engineering- Miles Hudson

Sustainable Agriculture- Susan Wiencke