Paint Brush Box

By: Hunter Woodruff

About My Grandpa

My great grandpa had a paint box that he put all his stuff in for painting such as Paintbrushes, pencils, markers, eraser, colored pencils and charcoal. He also put baby food bottles in the paintbrush box to mix paints.

What The Item Was Used For

My great grandpa painted all kinds of things. He painted on Paper, sometimes shells, and once he painted a part of a log and it said God Bless Our Family. Some other things he painted where automobiles, glass, sides of buildings, paper and signs for advertisements.

Where He Put Them

Anthony Lewis Touch stored all his paintbrushes in boxes in the back of his station wagon. He had a big station wagon that he put all his paintbrush boxes in. He also had more than one station wagon for all his paintbrush boxes.

What Was Happening In The U.S.

Anthony was in the great depression so he did not have wealthy things. Amelia Earhart was alive when Anthony was about 21, and that is when she flew over the Atlantic Ocean, and crashed in the Pacific Ocean. When he was about 20 Franklin D. Roosevelt was the United States President. The Empire State Building was finished in 1931.

What Was Happening In The World

When Anthony was about 15 years old, when World War I was going on thankfully he was not in the war. In 1930 things were much different then now (2013.) There were landline telephones no cellphones few electronics. Imagine no fun electronics that would be boring. You could not call anyone for emergencies and there was no fun technology.

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