Lineville Technology Class

By Alejandro Martinez

Typing Web

First thing every day is normally typing at . Each quarter you need to be done with a amount of courses. 1st quarter you need to be done with sentences. Second quarter the end of the first semester you need to be done with the intermediate courses.


This unit you need to make a fake movie trailer about anything you want. This makes it available to show your creativity to the teacher. In this project you also don't need to show it to other people but it still has to be appropriate. This is created by iMovie.

Career Locker and Haiku Deck

This unit you learn about jobs. By doing this you get information for a presontation with Haiku Deck. Haiku deck is the next unit which using that information you write about were you'll work and what it is like at the job is about and where you'll go to collage(also how much collage costs)


This unit you will learn the basic coding using this one website called . You have to be done with lesson 9 to get a 3. Lesson 11 to get a 4. and lower then that is a 2. This it is int like hacker coding but simple commands.

Explain everything

In this lesson you will have to explain a math problem. Using explain everything you have to record you voice and show the problem.