It is hard for bands to make it out in the music world. They are all in the race to be on top of the pyramid. In which, they must argue all the time from being together 24/7. (that's a long time) They are not only competing with other bands, but the entire music industry. Who wants to know how this group was formed?!

One Direction was started in 2010 when they were all individually trying out on their own. Every single one of them decided they would try to make it in the UK X Factor. Simon Cowell thought that each one of them had the talent, but would be better if they banded together. In conclusion, the five boys continued on throughout X Factor as a band, and now they are "the biggest band on the planet." Although they only placed third in the X Factor, Simon Cowell signed them with his record label Syco Records.

How are they TODAY????

They have recorded five albums including Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, Four, and Made in the Am. Although Zayn left in March of 2015, One Direction and Zayn are both doing great in their careers.
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