Pearl Harbor Attacked

By Nate Fletcher

Hawaiian naval base attacked by Japanese Empirialists

Today the Japanese Empire conducted an aerial attack on the Hawaiian naval base, Pearl Harbor. There were roughly 2,500 dead, 190 destroyed planes, and 8 destroyed or sunken battleships. Surprisingly, the Pacific Fleet's aircraft carriers, submarines and, most importantly, its fuel oil storage facilities emerged unscathed. One man stated, "I heard the bomb like it was drop in my front yard. My wife went to a cave with other women and children, and I went to help. When I went to the docks, I saw several people cutting holes in the ships to help the trapped sailor escape. But, it was awful, I saw hundreds of dead and injured."

Pearl Harbor Attack

Tuesday, Dec. 9th 1941 at 8:45am

Pearl Harbor, HI, United States

Pearl Harbor, HI