High School English-Lit

October 7, 2015- Class 8

For Students:

Links for Homework-Scottsboro Boys Video

The Scottsboro Boys

REMINDER!!!! NEW Way to Label your Work......MLA Format-

I'd like you all to get into the habit of turning in your work in MLA format. For right now, we are going to focus on having the top left corner of your work (whether handwritten or typed) include Your Name, Teacher's Name (Mrs. Blankinship), Class Title (HS-Eng-Lit), title of the work, and the date. Below is a sample photo. This will help you get into a habit needed for college and me to know what in the world I am grading and who it belongs to!
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For Parents:

Cook Out TOMORROW!!! #Dontforgettobringyourmeat

Cook Out at The Moore Home

Friday, Oct. 9th, 5:30-9pm

1004 Linenhall Way

Wake Forest, NC

All High School English-Lit students and their parents are invited to a cook-out next Friday. If parents can't stay, it is fine to drop off. Please bring whatever you would like to have grilled (and buns if needed) for supper. The Moores will provide the grill master, drinks, sides and dessert. We will be watching the movie The Giver. Looking forward to a fun time of fellowship.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Getting Closer to First Lit Analysis Essay

All year long we have been taking baby steps to ready students for their first Lit Analysis Essay. We have been creating TRIAC paragraphs, (which is a wonderful way to organize thoughts), learning various techniques authors use to create suspense, and finding those techniques within stories. Soon all this work will be married as we write an analysis of a piece of fiction.

Above students were writing TRIAC paragraphs discussing why or why not Atticus is a good role model for his children, Using the TRIAC model ensures students use examples and illustrations as well as an analysis of the situation. They are making great strides. When one student was asked if the paragraphs were coming easy to him, he said "YES, the TRIAC makes it so easy!" I agree!

Water Thank YOU!

Thanks Cotuna Fam for bringing some H2O for the crew! We will mark it with an "E" for English and have it in the fridge for the kiddos.

Wendy Blankinship

High School English-Lit Class

Wednesday 2015-2016


Optional Lunch Fellowship 12:00

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