Forensics Entomologist

By: Dylan Castro P-6 10-15-15

What Entomologist Do

Entomologist are scientist who study insects. These scientist jobs consist of the study of their classification, life cycle, distribution, physiology, behavior, and ecology. They also study insects habitats and evolution. Most like to work for agriculture and the government , they also help make pesticides to help rid of pest.

Where They Work

Entomologist work in labs or the outdoors. In the terms of forensics, they use insects to determine the cause of death or to detect substances involved in the case. They can work for teaching, research or government work.

What hours they work

Entomologist normally work about 40 hours a week and is flexible. They spend most of their time researching and performing experiments on insects.

Salary and Benefits

The average income a entomologist will make is around $47 thousand dollars. They can be easily hired as a teacher or a research, but some have the opportunity to work work the govt and commercials such as industry work.

Education and Training

In training you should be studying on math and science( zoology, biology, chemistry). if you wish to get a high level type of job as a entomologist, you will need either a masters degree or a Ph.D, at a university level, a Ph.D is required.

Forensics Starting Kit

This is the starter kit for anyone who is interested in the field of entomology. It has all your needs to start researching the type of insects you find, If you want to start learning entomology, this is the best to start.
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