by: Brain Selznick


WONDERSTRUCK is so different it has two stories in the same book, one of the stories are with pictures and the other with words. This book is about a boy named Ben who never knew his father because his father left before he was born. And Ben's mother died a long time ago, so he trying to find his long lost father to take care of him. To do that he must travel a long way to find his run away father. To start of his travel he went to his mother's old house, there he found a locket with the letter M on the front, that was the first clue to finding his father. It started to rain, he picked up the dial phone on the counter. The line was already out, Ben smelt something, it smelt bad. Ben fell to the floor, he had been struck by lightning.
(The pictures below are from the picture story)
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BOOK REPORT BY: Jonathan Noah