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M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Tuesday, December 1-

*Vendor Norwek Cleaning Rags

*Dyslexia Parent Meeting @6:00

Wednesday, December 2-

*College Colors Day

Thursday, December 3-

*Deaf Ed Collaboration

*1st Grade Collaboration

*5th grade to Cici's

*Wright Night at Chick Fil A

Friday, December 4-

*Spirit Store

Happy December Birthdays!

November 30-Carrie

December 16-Carol

December 17-Ruby Gardea

December 30-Casey

December 30-Tammy

December 31-Susan


Kelly Nance

Addie Little

Shannon Hetrick

Janet Scoggins

Suzy Hudson

Natalie Simmons

Congratulations to these folks who have been recognized by their peers!


Morning Announcements:

Character First Trait for December: Diligence

Please Watch!!!

Autism Avenues -Don't Limit Me

Please Be On Time for your Scheduled Duties!!! It Takes a Village! :)

Love and Logic...Easy Going Kids Need Love and Logic Too.

The great thing about strong-willed, stubborn kids is that they give us quick feedback on our parenting prowess…or lack of it! Yep! As soon as our skills begin to slip, things get ugly.

Easy-going kids are another story. Unfortunately, they let us get away with far too many threats, lectures, reminders, warnings, unenforceable limits, etc. Because they're so sweet, it often takes far too long to realize when our parental behavior heads south.

Easy-going kids need Love and Logic, too. They need to make plenty of choices within limits. They need to make plenty of small mistakes. They need to own and solve their problems. They need to experience our empathy as they cope with consequences. They need all of these things…and much, much more…so that they have what it takes to survive in today's complex, oftentimes dangerous world.

The greatest danger for easy-going kids is that they won’t make enough mistakes when they are young...and the consequences of such mistakes are still small. We lose far too many sweet kids because their parents were tricked into using poor skills because of their sweet behavior.

Upcoming Events

December 7~PLC @3:40

December 8~Vendor Friends by Choice

December 10~4th and Kinder Collaborations

December 10~Fifth Grade Wright Singers will perform at Cici's Night, with Redden, Lane, Hall and Murphy serving

December 11~RtI Meetings

December 15~Progress Reports go out

December 16~Vendor Gina the Jewelry Lady

December 17~Regular Day

December 18~Early Release @ 11:45