Suicide Prevention

Together we can prevent suicide

What is Suicide?

Suicide is the process of taking your own life, and is higher in attempts in females but more males complete the action. Recently suicide rates have been going up because of increased pressures to succeed and more and more cyber bullying.

Signs to look for...

*Talking about suicide often

*Seeking out lethal means

* Preoccupation with death

* Thinks there is no hope for the future

*Self-loathing, self harm

*Getting affairs in order

*Saying goodbyes

*withdrawing from others

*Self-destructive behavior

*sudden sense of calm

Suicide Statistics

All Suicides

Number of deaths caused by suicides 38,364

Deaths per 100,000 population 12.4

Cause of death rank: 10

Firearm Suicides

Number of deaths caused by firearm suicides 19,392

Deaths per 100,000 population 6.3

Suffocation Suicides

Number of deaths caused by suffocation suicides 9,493

Deaths per 100,000 population 3.1

Poisoning Suicides

Number of deaths caused by poisoning suicides 6,599

Deaths per 100,000 population 2.1

8% of kids have attempted suicide

13% of all students have a concrete plan

suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in kids ages 15-24

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Get Help

If you or someone you know needs help...

- Tell an adult as soon as possible

- let the person know you care

- Ask about depression

- Take it seriously

- Be a good listener