3rd Grade Newsletter

December 11th, 2017

In 3rd grade this week...

* This will be the last full week before winter break and the last 3rd grade newsletter of 2017.

Language Arts: This week we will read a story called "Too Many Tamales" and talk about the character change that occurs with from the beginning to the end of the story. We will also be working on several winter-themed writing and reading activities in our Language Arts blocks.

This Friday your child's Holiday Traditions Report will be due, so please let us know if you have any questions.

Math: Last week we wrapped up our Unit 3 on rounding, addition and subtraction with our test on Friday. We will move on to measurement in Unit 4. We will begin the unit talking about time and end it on Fractions.

This week we will begin Unit 4: Measurement and Fractions

Unit Overview- Parent Letter

Math Games/ Activities:


Mostly Postie- Grams/Kilograms

Weight and Height

Vet Activity- Weight

Clock Game

Interactive Clock

Science: We will wrap up our science unit and take our assessment on Tuesday the 12th.


Holiday Traditions Report Due December 15th

Spelling City

Unit 12 Spelling: mother, light, country, father, let, something, once, there, their, write, too, together, food, place, know, next, while

There will be a spelling test on Friday the 15th.

Important Dates

Dec. 14- Fifth grade Business Fair- Information Letter

Dec. 15- CRMS Holiday Concert for SRE students

Dec. 19- Winter Parties--3rd grade at 10am

Dec. 20- Jan. 2- WINTER BREAK

Jan. 3- Staff Development Day

Jan. 4- First day back with students

Things to do over Winter Break

The below is not required, it is just for fun!

Language Arts: Hamburger Main Idea Game

Read a new book so you can share it when you back from break!



Rounding Game

Rounding With Balloons

Estimating Game

Another Estimating Game

Multiplication Game

Ghost Blasters

LISD Math Game Website

Math: PBL- A Night at the Theatre- You will need your Google Login for this. You will need to make a copy of this and rename it. You can make a poster, powerpoint, or just be creative with how you want to present your information.Remember this is just for fun and isn't required.


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