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October 2018--#mindfulAISD

Mindfulness Resources Featured in This Newsletter...

  • Mindfulness for Staff -- Free Online Mindfulness & Specialty Classes
  • Professional Learning -- HCP Update
  • For Families -- Focus on Connection
  • Equity -- Mindful of Equity
  • Books of the Month -- 3 New Books
  • Technology -- Stop Breathe Think for Educators (FREE!)
  • Athletics -- 4 Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Practice Mindfulness
  • SEL Newsletter & Blog -- Work/Life Balance
  • Mindful Happenings in AISD -- Highlights

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Mindfulness For Staff -- Free Mindfulness & More

I'm always stressing how important it is for adults to practice mindfulness if we're going to use it with students, so this is going to be a regular section that highlights opportunities to build your personal practice.

Mind Oasis is offering free weekly online 30-minute mindfulness sessions for teachers every Tuesday at 7:30pm. Click here for more information. They also created a flyer that you can hang in your workroom or teacher's lounge.

Also, two teachers from Brentwood Elementary (Shelly Hollander & Carmen Gray) teach some specialty classes at Meditation Bar. Check them out sometime if you'd like.

Mindfulness Professional Learning through HCP

UPDATE: So much gratitude for those who've signed up already! Most of the classes are full already, but add your name to the waitlist just in case. Most, if not all, of these courses will be offered again in the spring. Also, please leave the courses that are specifically for librarians and counselors to just those who hold those positions as they are specific to their jobs. Thanks!

“Mindfulness in Schools” HCP course (feel free to print & post this flyer on campus).

All will be held at the Blanton Museum of Art in classrooms above the cafeteria. These classes are open to ALL AISD staff. Thanks to a generous donation from a community member, teacher & librarian subs will be paid for by the SEL Department. That generous donation ensures that 17 subs can be covered for each session, so sign up soon to reserve your spot. More classes will be offered in the Spring too!

Mindfulness Series

Section #: 88374--October 2nd, 8am-11am, Mindfulness 101 (beginner)

Section #: 88974--October 2nd, 1pm-4pm, Mindfulness 101 (beginner)

Section #: 88380--November 1st, 8am-11am, Mindfulness 201 (intermediate)

Section #: 88976--November 1st, 1-4pm, Mindfulness 201 (intermediate)

Section #: 88384--November 29th, 8-11am, Mindfulness 301 (advanced)

**There are NO prerequisites for 201 & 301. Choose which level you think you should attend based on your knowledge and expertise with mindfulness. For 301, it's preferred that you have at least one full year of practicing mindfulness in your classroom.

Integrating Mindfulness

Section #: 88387--October 25th, 8am-11am, Culturally Responsive Mindfulness

Section #: 88975--October 25th, 1pm-4pm, Culturally Responsive Mindfulness

Section #: 88385--November 29th, 1-4pm, Mindfulness & The Arts

Mindfulness for Librarians

Section #: 88379--October 3rd, 1-4pm, Mindfulness for Elementary Librarians

Section #: 88381--November 14th, 1-4pm, Mindfulness for Secondary Librarians

Mindfulness for Counselors

Section #: 88382--December 6th, 8-11am, Mindfulness for Elementary Counselors

Section #: 88383--December 6th, 1-4pm, Mindfulness for Secondary Counselors

Mindfulness for Families -- Focus on Connection

Here is an article that focuses on connection at home. Small, informal practices of mindfulness such as truly listening can go a long way. Feel free to share this simple, yet powerful article with families.

As a reminder, you can always find family resources on bit.ly/mindfulfams.

Mindfulness & Equity -- Mindful of Equity

This thought provoking article talks about some very important educational topics surrounding equity. Mindfulness isn't going to solve all of our problems in schools if we're not looking through a culturally responsive lens. We'll be diving deeper into this discussion in our Culturally Responsive Mindfulness PD. As always, I think these equity articles could make for good article reviews at team or PLC meetings.

Mindfulness Books of the Month

Mindful Technology -- FREE Apps for Educators

Stop Breathe Think has released their FREE lifetime subscription for educations deal! I sent an email about it a few weeks ago, but I wanted to highlight it in this month's newsletter. Explore the site and sign up for the free subscriptions to their all ages AND kids app. They also have materials to guide you through use in the classroom.

Mindfulness & Athletics -- Why Athletes Practice

Many famous athletes practice mindfulness to give themselves a mental edge over their competition. This blog post from Headspace provides some insight with their list of 4 reasons every athlete should practice mindfulness.

SEL Newsletter & Blog--Work/Life Balance

Mindful Happenings in Austin ISD

Here are a few mindfulness highlights from across the district. Email me or tag your tweets with #mindfulAISD so I can highlight your work in future newsletters.

Creative Internal Check-ins at Clayton

Mrs. Yoder at Clayton Elementary provides an awesome example of how you can be creative with teaching students to check-in with themselves. It can be uncomfortable to bring attention within for kids AND adults, so this is a great example of how you can do that in a more accessible manner. See tweet for more.
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Mental Strength Training for Lanier Student Athletes

I'm excited for the opportunity to do another 4-week Mental Strength Training for Lanier Student-Athletes starting in mid-October. Mindfulness=Mental Strength Training. This 4-week program will focus on different types of awareness each week and how it relates to athletics and life. Last year's program (pic below) went well and all participants recommended it for their peers & coaches. I'm hoping to refine this to provide training to coaches on how to make it happen.
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Mindful Stretching at Cunningham

Cunningham counselor Kimberly Skinner is back at it with more awesome mindful stretching classes for every class. See tweet for more.
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Mindfulness on GoNoodle at Guerrero-Thompson

GoNoodle is an incredible resource for mindfulness in elementary classrooms and to use at home with elementary aged kids. Remember that resource is always there for brain breaks and/or daily mindfulness. See tweet for more about Ms. Davis' sweet kindergarten class practicing mindfulness with GoNoodle.
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Morning Mindfulness at Oak Springs

Check out Oak Springs with Monday Mindfulness. Those are some awesome warrior poses right there! See tweet for more.
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Mindful AISD on Austin 360 Podcast "I Love You So Much"

The Austin 360 podcast, "I Love You So Much" where I had the honor of discussing SEL & mindfulness in AISD is now live.
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Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide

Those of you who are using Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide, I recommend Weeks 7-11 for October. As a friendly reminder, the book will be published by Free Spirit Publishing soon and I won't be able to give away free copies once that happens. AISD staff, sign up for a free electronic copy of the book while you can in the support form at the bottom of this newsletter.

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