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Flexi Couch

Do you ever have guests over and you don't have enough seats?

However, if you have a FlexiCouch, you won’t have anything to worry about. This fabulously functional chair is constructed entirely from recycled cardboard and recycled wood and can expand to hold up to 16 people!

Our product could deal with your 'small space' dilemma. No stress no mess :)

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How does cardboard manage to hold the weight of up to 16 people and not break?

Their body weight of this couch is divided evenly between the hundreds of cells contained in the chair. Although it is strong enough to support the weight of all those people, it won’t support unbalanced weights so please, don’t let the kids jump or walk on it and obviously don’t use it outside or near fire!

The Flexible Couch was designed by a young designer from Taiwan, he was influenced by his own personal experience of limited space in his home. The qualities of this rigid honeycomb-structured cardboard could be used to create flexible furniture. The ‘FlexibleCouch', is a seating that can hold up to sixteen people simply by altering its shape and length and comes in variable shapes. When folded it measures 60 x 55 x 22 cm. Weighing 25 kilos, it can be stretched to a length of 7.1 meters and will support body weight of up to 1919 kilos.

The FlexiCouch is the solution for an Eco-friendly, sustainable way of furnishing, it is made of 100% recycled wood and cardboard. Not only does it not damage the environment, it also does not effect any living creature and/or their habitat. This product does not produce any methane gas. The incredible result of extensibility and resistance is absurd.

The FlexiCouch is guaranteed to assist you with comfort, or your money back