Why Hoover?

These kinds of mistakes don't just happen

If he'd open his eyes he would see our cries!

  • Hoover doesn't seem to care about anyone but himself, there's a difference between free handouts and helping your people.
  • We need a president who can say "You'll be okay, we'll make it through this!" and be confident.
  • He vetoes bills that could get us out of this mess, it seems like he doesn't even care!
  • All he thinks about is the government, I think he's forgetting about the roles of the President.
  • Direct relief is calling his name and he is just kicking it to the curb.

Don't just sit around, DO SOMETHING!

We're in dire need of help. If we don't get help I do not think my family will survive. I am by no means asking for a free handout, we will repay everything given. This situation is tearing down the US and before long, we'll all be gone.

-Mary Jane Quincy

Get Herbert Hoover out of office