Deaths involving Marijuana

Illegal Marijuana Use

Danger involved in marijuana use

Marijuana use and possession in New York State is highly illegal. When a person uses marijuana, their mind becomes altered and the person will feel differently. This alteration will change the persons eye sight and thought cycle. When talking to someone under the influence of marijuana, the person using the herb may take slightly longer to comprehend what they are hearing or being told. Sometimes, the user may talk slower when they are using marijuana.

Avoid marijuana use when possible

Drug Dealer's aren't Friends

When a marijuana user buys this herb from multiple "dealers", they put themselves at risk each and every time they commit to make a purchase. During the "deal", the buyer could be jumped and have all of their belongings stolen from them, beaten, or even be killed. Also, when they buy this drug they may not necessarily know the person they are buying the marijuana from. This herb could be "laced" with another drug such as cocaine, meth, or angel dust. If the user tries marijuana which is laced for the first time, they experience a completely different high. This could easily kill someone or the user could harm someone else.

What can you do?

Sometimes it is easy to detect a drug dealer or a drug deal in session. If two people look rather suspicious and are trying to be unseen from the public, there is a good chance that a drug deal could be going on. What can you do? If spot a drug deal, stay away and don't communicate with any of the people there. Call the cops and report the situation as soon as possible.

Death is involved with Marijuana

Statistics show that cannabis kills 30,000 a year due to accidents or 'tampering' with he marijuana. Since marijuana is only an herb, no death has ever been reported from smoking it. However, getting behind the wheel of a car easily transforms into being dangerous.