--------- September 2021 ----------

Welcome Back To School All Educators

Summer vacation has ended and educators are back in their assignments for the 2021-22 school year. As the year begins, all educators are recognized for their outstanding work with virtual and in-person instruction this past school year. Parents have seen your importance as they worked with their children at home, finally realizing the talents, patience, sacrifice, and attention you possess as you work with 25-30 students in one class alone.

Teachers have been publicly acknowledged through the media as they worked to teach students, support colleagues and protect their own families from the Covid19 pandemic crisis. Some discussion has arisen regarding teacher compensation increases, and it is hoped that school districts follow through on those issues, to show the true value educators demonstrate on a constant basis. You are commended for your contributions and hope that you have a very successful school year.

Mask Wearing For Students In School For Covid-19 Protection

Texas Governor, Greg Abbot says no public schools or government entities will be allowed to require mask wearing, however, school districts across the state will have the responsibility of protecting students, faculty and staff members. It is reported that Covid-19 infections have again begun to climb. The media has reported that some large school districts are considering not abiding by the Governors mask decision and face possible fines. Temporary injunctions have been handed down by some local judges giving districts the legal right to require mask wearing by students, employees and visitors at this time. The question of mask wearing should not be a political decision along party lines, but, a decision based upon the health and safety of all persons involved in teaching and learning. All educators who are working to protect the students and their colleagues against the Covid-19 pandemic are to be commended and supported.
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New Officers And Their Responsibilities

Congratulations to the numerous officers assuming their new duties in local, state and National ABSE elected positions. All officers are supported by their members who want them to be successful and help their affiliates flourish and grow. As new officers, it is hoped that they will be properly trained to perform their responsibilities by others who have previously served in the respective positions, and that the local, state and national constitutions and proper protocols are taught, which will assist our new leaders in their duties.

Change and adaptation are sometimes required to improve or correct the "organization" as we start the 2021-22 school year. Leaders can and should surround themselves with people who share and support the visions that they possess, but they should also welcome opinions which may sometimes differ from the opinions of the leader. Differing views can help leaders see ideas from various perspectives, which can then help leaders make decisions most beneficial for the group. Knowledge of the Constitutions, By-Laws and proper protocols will help all elected officers lead in their roles and positions. An old saying goes "If it isn't broken, don't fix it". Our young, intelligent and modern leaders have experienced, seasoned and proven members who can and should guide and support our leadership. We, as members have a responsibility to help make our leaders successful. Congratulations to all newly elected officers.

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---------- The Shoulders We Stand On ----------

Someone You Should Know

Dr. Donetta Poole Goodall, a founding member of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE), also serves as Vice Chair of the Prairie View A&M Foundation Board. Dr. Goodall received a Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing from Prairie View A&M University, a Master’s Degree in Nursing from Texas Woman’s University and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the University of Texas. She has been a vice president and vice chancellor at the college level, and a faculty member and administrator in nursing education. At the state level, she chaired the Texas Common Course Numbering System for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and served on the boards of many educational and professional organizations.

Dr. Goodall is a graduate of Leadership Texas, who has served on the boards of many civic and charitable organizations, and has conducted performance reviews for the Department of Defense-School of Aerospace Medicine, Lackland, AFB, and for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Her international experience includes opening a branch campus of the Lone Star College System in Jakarta, Indonesia, while serving as Vice Chancellor and Vice Rector for Lone Star College-Jakarta. Dr. Donetta Goodall is active in Alumni and community activities. She is one of thirteen children and has one daughter (Karen) and one grandson (Kristopher). Dr. Donetta Goodall has been a champion for education and a shining star who has represented TABSE as a leader and organizer at the onset of the organization.

Dr. Donetta Goodall

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---------- Happenings Throughout The State ----------

Dr. Mary L. Thomas, Honored With "Top 100 Leaders in Education" Award

Dr. Mary L. Thomas, Executive Director of State, Federal, and Private Accountability Office for the Austin Independent School District (AISD), and past TABSE President (2006-2008), was recognized with the “Top 100 Leaders in Education” award for her outstanding contributions and work towards the growth of the education sector at the second edition of The Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL), held at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, the USA on June 23–25, 2021.

As an educator for 45 years, Mary has worked as a Pre-K-12 teacher, Campus, and Central Office Administrator in the Austin Independent School District. Having obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from East Texas State University, she received her Doctor of Education degree in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University at College Station. Mary conducts professional development in a multitude of areas and is a member of over ten professional organizations. Her steadfast commitment to enhancing student achievement and outcomes led to her selection for the prestigious honor. As a child-centered educator, Dr. Mary Thomas is commended for her work as an educator and her recognition by the GFEL Organization during their three day conference..


GAABSE Strives To Make A Positive Impact On Garland ISD Students

For 20 years, the Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators (GAABSE) has been positively impacting the lives of students and educators in our tri-cities. The organization was chartered in 2001 by a group of six dedicated educators. GAABSE is one of 15 local affiliates of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE), whose purpose is to unify educators and to provide students with role models by recruiting and promoting African American employees. However, GAABSE membership is not exclusive to African Americans; it is open to any person who desires to make a positive impact on students in Garland ISD and beyond.

The organization has evolved in recent years and now provides many programs such as cultural diversity training, student mentoring programs, and community and youth development programming. GAABSE also hosts the Golden Apple Awards, which recognizes outstanding educators doing great things at campuses. “The mission of GAABSE cannot be realized without the explicit efforts of educators and other stakeholders. GAABSE has developed African American professionals to assume leadership positions in education and influence public policy concerning all students,” said GAABSE President and Rowlett High School Assistant Principal Rhonda Williams. “I am truly honored to serve alongside the GAABSE executive board, a phenomenal group of educators who are passionate about the mission of the organization.”

Over the years, GAABSE has grown to include 187 members. The organization is most proud of the programs that have directly influenced students in the district, such as the Diamonds and Pearls & Gents mentoring program, the Annual Youth Summit and the John W. Washington Leadership Scholarship—which is awarded to one deserving graduating senior at each Garland ISD high school.

If you would like to join and learn more about the Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators, visit the GAABSE website.

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Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators Executive Board


Houston AABSE Back To School Installation Of Officers And Social

HAABSE welcomed educators back for the 2021-22 school year by hosting its Back to school social and installation of new officers on Thursday, August 26,2021. More than 100 attendees were welcomed by the HAABSE President and President-Elect. Superintendents from numerous Houston area school districts were introduced, along with HAABSE sponsors and supporters. The installation of new HAABSE officers highlighted the evening and all in attendance were encouraged to be active members and become a part of the many committees working to service students in our area. HAABSE looks forward to outstanding programs and service by the elected officers and the tremendous membership.
Houston AABSE Executive Board

Houston AABSE Executive Board

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Installation Of New HAABSE Officers



Lamar CISD has named Sonya Cole-Hamilton as the District’s new Chief Communications Officer. As Chief Communications Officer, Sonya Cole-Hamilton will manage special projects, lead key District initiatives and oversee the District’s Community Relations and Graphics Arts departments, as well as the Lamar Education Awards Foundation (LEAF).

Sonya Cole-Hamilton has more than 20 years of experience, including teaching and central office administration. She has served as a teacher, a Chief Communications Officer, and most recently as the Chief of Staff in DeSoto ISD. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Cole-Hamilton double-majored in Journalism and English and holds two master’s degrees – one from the University of North Texas in Journalism and one from Lamar University in Education Administration. Congratulations to her on her promotion as she joins the new Lamar CISD team.

Sonya Cole-Hamilton

Other Reported TABSE Member Promotions

Errica Dotson-Hooper, Managing Director of Programs for @witshouston

Dr. LaBotta Taylor, Chief Human Resources Officer, Lancaster ISD


TABSE Member Recognition

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TEPI Position Statement

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Something To Make You Go Hmmmmm!

Sometimes things occur that seem to point in one direction, and then something else occurs that points in the opposite direction. Critical Race Theory is the topic of discussion that will prevent the teaching of historical and/or cultural events in schools based upon race, prejudice, legal matters etc.

Around the country you are hearing about "Voter suppression laws" which are designed to limit and/or prevent targeted American citizens from participating in the election processes on the local, state and national levels. On the opposite side of the discussion, people are saying these "voter requirements" will help prevent voter fraud and will permit questionable elections to be perhaps reversed or invalidated.

With these two topics being on the front burners of American awareness, isn't it amazing that the Federal Government has just approved the Juneteenth National Holiday. As we are aware, the "Juneteenth" celebration is a TEXAS historical event, which informed slaves on June 19, 1865, that they were free and had been freed by the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation since January 1, 1863.

How can you be against teaching Critical Race Theory in schools, non-voter suppression legislation like Texas Senate Bill 1, and then declare Juneteenth a national holiday ? It makes you want to go Hmmmmm !


Summer Teacher Jokes, Never lose Your Sense Of Humor


Affiliate News

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TABSE Featured Partner of the Month: Chartwells K12

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Chartwells K12

Chartwells K12 provides dining programs for school districts across the country and prides itself on extending its dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm into building custom programs that deliver each student delicious, great tasting meals.

With more than 16,000 associates in 4,100 schools, ranging from large public institutions to small charter and private schools, Chartwells K12 is built on decades of food, education and operational experience driven by top culinary, nutrition, wellness, and sustainability talent.

This past May, Chartwells K12 had the honor of celebrating their School Lunch Heroes for serving 300 Million meals since the Pandemic began. School Lunch Hero Day is a national program dedicated to providing well-deserved recognition to school foodservice professionals for their role in keeping children well-fed, happy and healthy. It has been celebrated on the first Friday of May since 2013. Chartwells K12 also leads the largest team of registered dietitians in the school nutrition industry.

For more information and tips from Chartwells K12 visit:

Notable Nutritional Article from Chartwells K12:


TABSE District Institutional Member of the Month

Garland ISD, led by Superintendent Ricardo Lopez, services over 55,000 students located in the Dallas -Fort Worth area. Garland ISD ranks as the second-largest district in Dallas County, fifth-largest in Dallas-Fort Worth, 15th-largest in Texas, and is among the 75-largest in America.

In April, Garland ISD was chosen to be one of six districts chosen for The Holdsworth Center Partnership, a five-year journey that will help them develop more strong, inspiring leaders that will help teachers thrive and students succeed. Five campuses located in GISD were selected to be listed in the U.S. News & World Report for 2021 Best High Schools rankings nationwide.

GISD was recently named a 2021 Best Community for Music Education (BCME) by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation. This marks the district’s 12th designation, which recognizes and celebrates the commitment of school administrators, community leaders, teachers and parents who believe in music education and are working to ensure that it is part of a well-rounded education for all children.

To learn more about Garland ISD please visit:

Save The Dates

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Renew Your TABSE Membership for 2021-22

With the start of each school year, a reminder is given that TABSE membership renewal is due.

Join your state and local affiliates now and take part in the exciting and rewarding things being planned throughout the state.

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