The Emerald Isle


This country religion is mainly Catholic which has played a role in Ireland’s history and continues to influence the Irish , and teaches the value of the people who are there there. In other words their "Value"


Languages the Irish speak? Ireland speak English, Gaelic and of course Irish! The first language spoke in Ireland are both Irish and Gaelic. The Irish speak those very interesting languages until its combined and blended to its original language then its turned to English Language. The Irish culture speak so many languages that when it turns to English they do not notice when its being done. As a result the main language in Ireland is Irish.

Art and Music

Irish music has played a big role in Ireland. Their music is very traditional and it has and still does influence others. You may or may not know that some of the instruments are : flutes, bagpipes, fiddles, and more. When the instruments meet they remind the Irish of stories or even memories. Although the music is nice Ireland has VERY nice art. It started back when it was just carvings on walls and moved on down to the paintings and to the upper places such as Art Galleries. As of today Ireland and Irish art is know for it's unique and vivid/ outstanding coloring.

loreena mckennitt - mummers dance

Custom And Traditions

They are a lot of very old Traditions in Ireland that are still kept alive by their people today. There are many such as : Blessings , Death , and of course St. Patrick's day.

The death tradition is like many others, they gather as one and talk about the memories and fun stories they have had with the dead.

Blessings are kept alive by many of the Irish and its very important. The Irish think of blessings as their permission and grant. The elder will always want you to ask them first because they will and they do have the final say.

St. Patrick's Day is a tradition that the Irish celebrate on the 17 of March. March 17 is a holiday because its the "Teaching of Christianity by St Patrick . This holiday isn't only celebrated in Ireland , its all around the World million of people celebrate. St. Patrick's day is celebrated by wearing green.

Political Systems

Irish is known as the Republic of Ireland. Their government is lead by Taoiseach. (Prime Minister). "Ireland is a parliamentary, representative democratic republic and a member state of the European Union" . Ireland has devolved government within the United Kingdom as well.


Most people in Ireland