George Crook

By: Courtney Jones

A summary of his life.

Born in 1828 in an Ohio farming family, George Crook has been considered as "the army's greatest Indian fighter". Near the bottom of his class, he graduated from West Point in 1852 and ended up with a military career in Northern California and Oregon. This led him to serve in battles such as Second Bull Run and Chickamauga when serving in Guerilla actions in West Virginia. Great success led to President Ulysses S. Grant personally placing him in charge of Arizona territory. When transferred to Northern Plains in 1875 he was told to remove a rapidly growing hoard of gold miners from black hills. Sadly his death came across on March 21st,1890. According to the Lakota Chief, Red Cloud a one-time adversary said, " Crook never lied to us. His words gave the people hope."

Five Facts


1. 1876 he designed part of a coordinate attack to drive the defiant Lokota bands gathered around Sitting Bull back on to their reservations

2.Born in Taylorsville,Ohio

3.In 1882 he again returned to Arizona

4.1886 Crook was relieved of command

5.Died in Chicago

6.Graduated 38th in class