First Baptist Chruch, Quincy, CA

Family Newsletter - August 2020


The calendar says that we have reached the 1/2 way point of summer, but if you are involved with school, it is mostly over. This has been an interesting summer, and God continues to bless us. We are trying a new section in this news letter, a spotlight getting to know each other. This month is Linda Margaretic. If you would like to share in the newsletter, just let us know. God bless you.
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Fear Not

The angels told the shepherds, “Fear not.” Even though that is probably the most memorable fear not; there are many more. In Genesis Abram, Hagar, Isaac, Rachel, Joseph’s brothers, and Jacob were told to fear not. Abram, childless, “Fear not.” Hagar, her child thirsty, “Fear not.” Isaac exiled, “Fear not.” Rachel, in labor before her death, “Fear not.” Joseph’s brothers, hungry, “Fear not.” Joseph’s brothers, facing punishment, “Fear not.” In Exodus, the children of Israel were told to fear not when the enemy was approaching. The Lord would fight for them. They were told to fear not when the thunder roared the lightning flashed and the mountain smoked as God spoke. In the New Testament Jesus said fear not many times. Simon Peter who felt unworthy, “Fear not.” Jarious, who thought he had lost his daughter, “Fear not.” The multitude who felt they were of no value, “Fear not.” The final “fear not” is found in Revelation: He laid his right hand upon me saying, Fear not, I am the first and the last. Whatever situation you find yourself in today, remember, fear not. God’s Word is true to all who are childless, thirsty, exiled, hungry, in storms, near death, facing punishment, facing enemies, fearful of losing a child, feeling unworthy and valueless, He is the first and the last. Fear not.

In His Grips,

Pastor Ryan

The July Workday

The workday on July 25 was a huge success. Many workers showed up and many things were checked off the to-do list. Along with the work, joyful fellowship (distantly, of course) was happening. This day was a blessing to many by being there and seeing the accomplishments.


The backyard and back parking lot was weeded and cleaned up.

A cement barrier as poured under the backyard ramp.

The woodpile and playground area was organized.

The lights on the front cross were worked on.

The roses were trimmed and weeded.

The windows were washed.

The pews and furniture were oiled.

The curtains were vacuumed.

Sunday School rooms were cleaned out.

The deck of the front porch was painted.


Sid Moser

Don Larios

Don Williams

Ron Heinbockel

Brian English

Ryan Nielsen

Rick Beacham

Kathy Scully

Kathy Taylor

Christianna Nielsen

Magali Nielsen

Miley Nielsen

Linda Beacham

If you missed this one, you can help out on the next one on September 26.


Financial Report

The Lord has been richly blessing this church through his people. You can see that we are significantly in the black at this point of the year. The council has been prayerfully considering how to wisely use this money. The goal is to help people in the family of God and to help further share the good news of Jesus. We have been able to make some much needed repairs that have been postponed because of lack of resources in the last few years. The Plumas Christian School and Samaritans Purse each were sent $390.00 with the help of the matching offering taken in June. We have also financially help some of family of God. If you know of a need or a way that will help spread the gospel, contact Pastor Ryan or a member of the church council.


Income: $4,427.00

Expenses: $3,030.73

Balance: $1,396.27


Income: $6,459.30

Expenses: $ 5,862.21

Balance: $ 597.09

Year-to-date 2020

Income: $36,440.05

Expenses: $ 27,369.01

Balance: $ 9,071.04

Hello Everyone.

I’m very blessed to have found First Baptist Church in Quincy four years ago. Raised Catholic, as a young adult I “fell away” and until now, hadn’t found a church home. I’m ever so glad to be a part of this congregation.

I was born in Merced, California to a first generation Yugoslavian (Croatian) father and a first generation Portuguese (Azores Islands) mother. Though I wasn’t raised in either culture, I did always feel inklings of my family heritage.

Music was always part of my life because my parents had the radio on most of the day. I think my first spoken sentence were lyrics to “Goodnight Irene”! Although I have not had formal training, over the years I have learned to play several stringed instruments and have enjoyed playing music in various folk groups as well as our local community orchestra. Music is a great blessing in my life. I also love being in nature - hiking and swimming in these mountain lakes and streams.

Before moving to Quincy in 1987, I lived for 10 years in the beautiful Okanogan Valley of Washington where I ran my own French walk-up style cafe.

As you know, I am the mother of one son, Eric and grandmother to his son Maverick. We thank you all for your continued prayers for our family.

August Birthdays

Rhonda Amos

Lisa Hopman

Kathy Scully

George Tarleton

Will Henry Wilcox

Worship service is held each Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church in Quincy, CA.

Social Distancing is practiced and Plumas County Public Health guidelines are followed. At this time there is no child care or children's church (PCPH guidelines), therefor all children are staying in church with their parents. A activity bag is available for little ones during the service. Christianna Nielsen does give a children's sermon each week, which is interesting and fun for us all. We love having children and don't mind the little people noise.

This Sunday, August 9

Because Pastor Ryan and his family will be gone on vacation, we will have a song service with many of your favorite songs. We are also looking forward to hearing what God is doing in your lives during testimony time. This service will not be recorded or streamed this week.

Highway Clean-up - Saturday, September 19

On September 19 we will be working on our section of Highway 70 east of town starting at 8:00AM.

Church Workday - Saturday, September 26

We will be having another workday. It is true that many hands make light work. On the last workday all the jobs were completed in 3 hours.

Pastor Ryan & his family

President Trump and our governmental leaders

The church finances - Praises

Faye Sandlin – Broken Ankle

Sheri Kahre (health)

Toby Reeson (health – recovering from back surgery)

Jim Stahlman (health)

Cindy Larios (Don’s daughter – health)

Eric & Maverick Marvel (Linda Margaretic’s son & grandson)

Jake Sandlin (health)

Betty Brown (health- Nelda Warren’s sister)

The Youens (Loss of Win Sr., health and jobs)

Brian Baker (Traveling for his job)

School for the 2020/2021 year for all of our county, especially our children

Our children & grandchildren

Burke Tarleton & Robert Hopman – serving our country

All our service men & 1st responders

Spiritual & physical growth of our church in 2020

Peace of mind in these times