Mrs. N.'s SK/Grade1 Class

We Need Your Help!

3D Shapes and Structures

In keeping with our Geometry unit on 2D and 3D shapes and our Grade 1 Science unit on Structures, I am asking students to collect and bring in empty containers (e.g. cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, margarine or cream cheese containers, Pringles potato chip cans, etc.) as well as toilet and paper towel rolls which will be used to create our own structures within the next couple of weeks. Parents, please refrain from recycling some of these items over the next week and send them with your child to school. Thank you!

Scientists In School This Friday

A friendly reminder that our Scientists workshop will take place this Friday morning. We need the following:

1) Newspapers - please have your child bring in any unwanted newspapers to school. We need them for the workshop.


2) Parent Volunteers - We require 2 more parent volunteers to help run a couple of the centres. If you are interested, please send me a note tomorrow indicating your availability.


With the abundance of snow in the playground, students' mittens are wet by the end of morning recess. Please place a back-up pair of mittens in your child's backpack for them to wear during lunch recess while the other pair (hopefully) dries inside. Remember, waterproof versus cloth, and mittens versus gloves keep their hands and fingers warmer.