Open Your Heart & Vote Nancy Hart

Nancy Hart Needs Your Vote As The Most Valuable Women


She fought in Battle of Kettle Creek against the British and Loyalists in 1779.

Even though she's a woman, she held six British soldiers captive in her shed and ruthlessly killed them.

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Risk Taker

She took many risks when she spied on the British to get information to the Colonists. The information she reported, made colonists more prepared for battle against the British.
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As the British were in Nancy's house, she came up with an amazing tactic. She decided to intoxicate them, take their weapons, and ruthlessly shoot two of them and hung four of them.
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Our Hearts Led Us To Liberty

Nancy Hart was a brave and valuable woman to the colonists because she would do anything for the colonists to fight for freedom.

Extra Info

~Born 1735, died 1830 at 95

~Patriotic colonist

~Had a cousin that was a commander in the Revolutionary War

~Married at the age of 36 to Benjamin Hart