Health and Safety

For Fox Families

Building Procedures

  • Physical distancing when possible
  • Limited furniture when possible to reduce items that need to be cleaned
  • Our school always maintains a detailed record of all visitors to the building
  • Guests are limited. Guests are asked to use the main door and camera system to show identification and state a specific need. The office staff will limit entry into the school building when possible by using the exterior video and sound system to its fullest extent.

Face Coverings in Chippewa Valley

Mask policies for students and staff

Masks are optional for students and staff in our school offices and summer programs. This fall students will return to the classroom full-time and our plan is to offer an optional mask policy. However, we want to remind families that current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that students over the age of two, especially those who are not fully vaccinated, consider wearing a mask indoors, including at school.

We ask everyone to respect each individual’s choice whether or not to wear a mask.

Masks will be optional on school buses
CVS recommends that all students, especially those who are not vaccinated, wear a mask while riding a school bus.

How to wear a fabric mask safely

Vaccinations and Testing

Vaccinations & Testing

Chippewa Valley Schools will not separate students by vaccination status or mandate testing for students and staff. While individuals are not required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, those who have been fully vaccinated may be exempt from quarantine requirements.

We encourage all families to talk to their healthcare providers about the vaccine and strongly support those that are eligible to consider getting vaccinated.

The health and well-being of our students, staff, and families will always be our top priority.

In our ongoing effort to prevent the spread of the virus in our school community, we will continue our established cleaning and sanitation protocols, social distancing wherever possible, and utilize hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing throughout the day. In addition, as a result of previous bond improvements, our schools are equipped with updated air handling units with filters that meet or exceed current CDC recommendations for ventilation and healthy air flow.

Because we recognize that transparent information on COVID-19 cases in our schools is important to our community, we will continue to provide a COVID-19 case report on our website.

We will continue to work with the professionals of the Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) and follow mandates to ensure the continued safety of our students, staff, and community. Our district nurses will work closely with the MCHD on appropriate quarantine procedures and guidelines. We will carefully monitor the virus in our school community and will take any necessary precautions needed to prevent community spread. We will communicate any changes with you.

Arrival and Dismissal

  • Students that are not using district transportation should arrive to school at the scheduled time
  • Students and families should be mindful of social distancing when able to
  • Students must exit the school building within 15 minutes of the end of the school day unless enrolled in an afterschool district sponsored club
  • Staggered dismissal times (5,4,3,2,1,Kdg)- Times listed below. Subject to change.
  • Exiting from classroom doors for those who have them or nearest hallway exits for classrooms without them. Information below.
  • Entering through classroom exterior doors where possible. Entering in pod, hallway entrances where classroom entrances are unavailable.
  • Paw prints have been added on the sidewalk to give examples of social distancing
  • Parents are encouraged to wait in vehicles before drop off
  • Families will be reminded to have students come to school on time rather than early and waiting outside in large groups.
  • Signs to encourage hand washing are placed around the building

Dropping Off Items For Your Children

  • We will have bins located near the main doors and buzzer
  • Please buzz our office to let us know what you are dropping off
  • Please label the item using a sticker label and place in the appropriate bin outside

Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

In an effort to limit visitors into the building:

  • Parents will use outside buzzer when bringing kids in late. (Sign in/out table) Proof of identification will be followed for early dismissals as parents buzz in from outside and wait outside.
  • Bins will be placed outside for items to be dropped off

Busser Dismissal

Busser Dismissal

Our goal is to limit the amount of students traveling near each other coming into the building and during dismissal as well.

(Times subject to change once we work through the process and timing with students)

Busser Dismissal

  • 3rd-5th grade at 3:09pm (Students with siblings will pick up outside the classroom door)
  • 2nd grade at 3:10pm (Students with siblings will pick up outside the classroom door)
  • 1st- 3:11 PM to busses (Students with siblings will pick up outside the classroom door)
  • Kdg- 3:12 PM to busses

*Older students pick up siblings from classrooms outside exterior door

*Dismissal of bussers on arrival to school: K,1,2,3,4,5

Walkers and Parent Pick-Up

Walker and Parent Pickup Dismissal

(Times subject to change)

  • 3rd-5th grade at 3:11pm
  • Kdg-2nd grade at 3:14pm

*Older students pick up siblings from classroom exterior door

Arrival and Dismissal

**Students will be entering through the following designated doors upon arrival each morning unless they are enrolled in AM SACC.

**Students will dismiss from the following locations as well unless they are enrolled in SACC.

**Students arriving late or leaving with an early dismissal will use the main entrance.


  • Buckley- classroom door #43
  • Harris- classroom door #44
  • Mlynarek- front of building side door #45

1st and 1-2 Blend

  • Conrad (1-2 Blend)- classroom door #5
  • Marola- classroom door #6
  • Sarvello- classroom door #4

2nd and 1-2 Blend

  • Braun- classroom door #10
  • Theeck- side entrance to cubby hall in parent lot (door #8)
  • Conrad (1-2 Blend)- classroom door #5

3rd grade

  • Bochenek- classroom door #21
  • May- use main entrance door #1 in front of building
  • Kahnt- classroom door #19

4th grade and 4-5 Blend

  • Nicholoy (4-5 Blend)- 4th grade hall entrance (west red wing door #14)
  • Noel- use main entrance door #1 in front of building
  • Skorupski- 4th grade hall entrance (west red wing door #14)

5th grade and 4-5 Blend

  • Fanelli- use door #15 (far west red wing door #15)
  • Alfonsi- use door #15 (far west red wing door #15)
  • Nicholoy (4-5 Blend)- 4th grade hall entrance (west red wing door #14)


  • ECSE- use classroom door #2
  • GSRP- use classroom door #46
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Parking Lot Procedures

  • We would like parents keep kids in their cars until out building opens
  • Please do not drop students off early prior to 8:24
  • Busses will release at 8:24
  • Teaching staff will be available during this time period to assist in arrival
  • Parents will wait to release their child from their vehicles until busses leave
  • Please pull all the way up in the drop of lanes. Please do not walk in areas that are not designated crosswalk areas.

SACC Procedures at Dismissal

SACC Procedures at end of day

  • Kdg- 3:09 PM- picked up from classroom

*KDG is picked up by the SACC staff


  • All students have assigned seating in both the classroom and lunchroom

  • Classroom space will be maximized

  • Provide as much social distancing as possible
  • Cleaning products and hand sanitizer will be provided
  • High touch areas such as desks will be cleaned as much as possible
  • Students will be encouraged to use their own materials, rather than sharing

Hallways and Common Areas

  • One way traffic whenever possible
  • Directional floor stickers
  • R/L lane traffic


  • All students have assigned seating in both the classroom and lunchroom
  • Social distancing stickers on the floor for the line area
  • Students stay seated as always
  • Lunch monitors push barrels
  • Extra tables utilized in LGI to space students out
  • Limit students per table when possible


  • Breakfast is delivered to each classroom for any student free of charge.



  • Classes separated on playground
  • The playground will now have lettered sections
  • Grade level teachers will rotate the areas they are in with their students
  • Wash hands/sanitize immediately after recess
  • Face coverings will be placed in pockets and not worn outside due to lanyards

*Maps of the playground and sections will be provided

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