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Students fall into one of the three categories for their transportation needs:

  1. Wildcat Pickup
  2. Walkers
  3. Bus Riders

Below, please find information regarding all three categories.

On behalf of the entire MHG staff, we appreciate and thank you for adhering to our school procedures. Together we can create a safe and optimal learning environment for Guest Elementary.


The Wildcat Pickup dismissal plan was created to allow parents to pick up their children without coming into the building to sign their student out on a daily basis.

If you are signed up for Prime Time Care, or your student has a bus, you are not eligible for Wildcat Pickup solely because of space for vehicles to line up in our drop off and pickup loop.

Priority will be given to the following:

  • School of choice families
  • In-district transfer families
  • Families designated as walkers


1. Visit the main office to fill out an application, or ask your child's classroom teacher to send an application home.

2. The main office will create a car sign and backpack Wildcat Pickup tags.

If you already have a number, you DO NOT have to apply again and most families will have the same number. However, please update any pickup information by contacting the main office. You can also email any updates to

3. You should arrive no later than 3:55 to pick up your children.

4. Students in the Wildcat Pickup will be dismissed at the front of the building exiting through the front doors by the office.

5. Cars wait in line with “Wildcat” signs visible. While waiting in line, please adhere to kind, considerate, and safe driving procedures. Make sure that your vehicle is not blocking others, pull as far forward as possible and keep moving forward with the traffic, do not get out of your car,

6. Please do not let cell phone usage distract the process.

The Traffic Engineer stated that if the pickup line begins to back up, it would be helpful if you would make a right turn to move the process along.

7. We found it is helpful for you to practice the following with your student:

  • independently put on their seat belt
  • have backpack and other belongings easily accessible to grab quickly from the vehicle
  • Exit ONLY from the passenger side


Students that are WALKERS will follow the process listed below:

1. Arrival - students wait outside for the first bell to ring. Please do not arrive before 8:45am.

2. Dismissal - students that are designated as "WALKERS" will exit the building by the main office and wait by a WALKER sign. This is where families can meet their students.

4. Families - Please do not enter the building - no one should be in the vestibule or hallways. We have found it is too congested.


Students that ride the bus will follow the process listed below:

Bus Riders in the morning - Students riding the bus will be dropped off in the bus loop and allowed off the bus just before the first bell. If students are getting breakfast they are allowed off the bus a minute or two earlier. Please refer to the district’s transportation hot-line (248-956-5199) for information regarding any late buses.

Bus Riders in the afternoon - Students riding the bus home will exit through the south end doors. Staff will assist all students



First Bell rings at 8:50am - Students enter the building. Guest staff and 5th grade safeties will open the doors. Students purchasing breakfast can enter a couple minutes earlier.

Second Bell rings at 8:55am - Students should be in their classrooms and/or getting breakfast. Doors lock at 9:00am. After that, use the buzzer to gain access to the building.


The end of the day bell rings at 3:58 p.m. We stagger our dismissal process.

  1. Walkers, Prime Time, Wildcat Pickup & Kindergarten students
  2. Grades 1 & 4
  3. Grades 2 & 3
  4. Grade 5


The staff at Guest Elementary are firmly committed to student safety and we regularly review our procedures and practices. Therefore, I wanted to share and/or remind you with you some key information regarding student arrival and dismissal.

  • Drop off and Pickup loop is at the north end of the building by the main office. Do not use the south entrance door at anytime.
  • Students will enter the building at 8:50am. Families can wait outside with their student until the first bell.
  • Families are not allowed to wait in the vestibule or hallways - it impedes our process causing too much congestion
  • If you are driving your student to school in the morning, feel free to use our drop-off & pickup loop
  • Pull as far forward as possible to keep the traffic flow moving. Never allow your student to exit on the driver’s side; they will be in the path of parking lot traffic.
  • When there is a traffic backup, please turn right.
  • Students should be ready with their belongings to exit the vehicle and should exit from the passenger side only.
  • Arrive on time to avoid truancy.
  • Early dismissal is when you take your student out of school before 3:58. This will result in an early dismissal and documented in your student's attendance records
  • Occasional pickup from the office - send a note and call the office if there are any changes in your student's regular dismissal process.

In addition to safety, and an orderly arrival and dismissal process, one of our other priorities as educators is to foster independence in our students. We want them to develop confidence in their ability to navigate on their own. Teachers and staff will be visible and readily available to assist students. It is going to be a wonderful school year.