Rules for Stimulation

A Parent's Guide

Quantity and Quality

It is just as important to have quality toys as well as quantity. The toys must me age appropriate, colorful, fun, and helps the child learn while playing with it. It is good to buy toys that can grow with your child. For example, a toy that a play with while sitting down, and then it folds into something that they can push and lean on for support while he/ she learns how to walk, and finally it folds into something the child can ride and push him/ herself.


As well as intellectually stimulating, the environment for babies must be safe. Parents, you need to make sure that baby gates are installed properly if there are stairs, limit sharp edges, and eventually baby locks when your baby starts to crawl. It is also smart to have ALL hazardous materials (prescription drugs, scissors, etc.) far from baby's reach. One more thing that is often overlooked until it is too late is the danger of wires. Make sure that all wires are up off of the floor and out of your baby's reach. One bite to the wire and it could cause serious damage to your child. It is not possible to have a good intellectually stimulating environment without safety.