Austin, Texas

Anneka Crowley


I chose this picture because it shows the exact location of Austin, Texas on the earth. It has its longitude and latitude points. It also shows relative location because it shows that Austin is near San Antonio and close to the center of Texas


Texas is very well known for there many types of arts. Theatrical arts, Musical arts, and even the graffiti downtown! The musical aspect is a huge tourist attraction, for example ACL is known nationwide.


Austin is located in the hill country region. The vast hills creates many rivers and lakes, not to mention beautiful scenery. As you can see in the picture, it is very obvious why Austin is in this region.


Austin City Limits brings out thousands of people. A variety of artists play and it is one of the best known music festivals in the nation. Its obvious why they call us the music capital of the world because people travel in from everywhere. Anywhere from California to Maine, you'll find a variety of people here.

human-envirement interation

We changed the land by putting in a dam at a river and putting highways across it. We use the dam for generating hydroelectric power.