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September 19, 2016

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If your child is picked up in a car or parent walk up, they brought home new watermarked dismissal signs. Beginning Tuesday September 6th, the purple signs will no longer be accepted. You must present these when picking up your child. Without the appropriate dismissal sign, you will be asked to sign your child out in the office by presenting a photo ID.


Reading: Read nightly and choose an activity from the reading menu.

Math: Complete the two workbook pages 149 and 161

Spelling: Practice test on Monday. Use the pattern words on the back of the behavior calendar for additional practice

Remember: Homework is not collected until Friday


This week the spelling pattern is words with short i o and u vowel sounds. The students will be given a pretest over six pattern words and four high frequency words.

Pattern words: slip boss drop mud milk sun

High frequency words: both carry change close

On Friday's test, the students will get an additional 4 words that have the same pattern. This is to assess whether they can apply the pattern to unfamiliar words.

If the students miss less than one of the six pattern words then they get 4 challenge words on Friday's test. I will write challenge words on their pretest if this is the case.

Please use the practice test to help your child practice building and reading words that fit the pattern we are working on.

Dress Like a Superhero Day

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 7:30am

9850 Legacy Drive

Fort Worth, TX

This is a $1 fundraiser day. No masks or weapons allowed.

Big Kahuna Fundraiser

Friday, Sep. 2nd, 9pm to Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 11pm

9850 Legacy Drive

Fort Worth, TX

Support our school by selling at least one item. There are many things to choose from.

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