Weekly Launch

May 2-6


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We think our NPE teachers are the best! We hope you enjoy your week! We will have Panera bagels on Monday morning for breakfast, PTA luncheon from Chuy's on Tuesday, you will find a gift in your box on Wednesday and we will have chips and salsa in the lounge during lunch on Thursday(Cinco de Mayo).

We will be giving you your pink and blue cards this week for you to begin working on. You may use your collaboration time to work on them. Only 22 1/2 days left! You can do this!

Important Dates

May 2nd-Discovery Dome

Wear your college shirt

May 3rd-Discovery Dome


May 4th-Discovery Dome

Jen B. out in a.m.

Third grade Field Trip


May 5th-Discovery Dome


May 6th-Discovery Dome

Character Connection

Volunteer Breakfast

Character Corner

Character word of the month-TRRFCC

Character word of the week-Responsibility

Action of the week-Be responsible

Morning Announcements-Fore/Rathburn

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STAAR Review Game

Susan Bush wanted to share what Katy did in class to review for STAAR. The students played the Flyswatter game with a twist. Three groups were playing at one time so more students could participate. She read/and showed a STAAR question from the Benchmark and the students needed to swat the type of question that was being asked. This helped students understand what the question was asking and they discussed what steps are needed to answer that question. This activity could be done on just about anything that you are reviewing. It only takes about 10-15 minutes of class time and the students loved it.

Click on the link above for a blog page from a school who focus' on GRIT