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The capital of Singapore is Singapore. Singapore has a population of 5,460,302 people as of today. Singapore has 50 surrounding islands. The highest point of Singapore is the central plateau. Singapore is an Island.


After Japan loss the war II, the British came back to Singapore and began to run the government. In 1993 Singapore and Malaysia became one country. In 1970 Singapore opens it's first college. In 2003 Singapore becomes the first Asian nation to sign a free trade deal with the United States.

People and Places

Singapore is an Island abaut the sane size as the City of Chicago located just 85 miles North of the Equator. The nation consist in Singapore and 50 more surrounding islands. To the south of Singapore, lie the islands of Riau Archipelago, witch belongs to Indonesia.The population of Singapore is 5,460,302 people.


In Singapore some favorites sports are soccer, badminton, basketball and golf. Since Singapore is a little island water sports are very popular. In Singapore kids like the tradition of visiting friends, relatives and neighbors who give them a little envelope field with money.Families are really usually the parents and kids will go visit mom's family on Saturday and dad's family on Sunday.
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Singapore may be a small island but it is an economic giant. Most people work at factories making electronic products. Because Singapore is to small, it has to buy materials from another country to be able to make anything. Singaporeans also have to buy most of their food from another countries.


In Singapore 42% of the population are Buddhism people. IN Singapore 4% of the population are Catholic. In Singapore another 4% of the population are Hindu.
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