Tawanka Times

Welcome Back

Note from our Principal

Dear Tawanka Families,

Welcome back to the new school year. Our Tawanka Times Newsletter is our way of highlighting some of the great things that happen each day at Tawanka. I wish to thank all of the families and staff for their continued support.

Mr. Palmer

Acting Principal

Morning Arrival

The 2018-2019 school year is off to a great start! Please do your part in making morning arrival smooth and safe for all children. Please have your children take the bus to school as much as possible. When your children are not taking the bus to school, please do the following:

· Drive up as far as you can go. Mr. Wright stands where the 1st car should stop.
· Stay in your car. There is no need to park or get out of your car.
· Have your children ready and waiting inside the car on the curb side.
· Have your children exit the curb side of the car.

Thank you for cooperating. These procedures will help keep things moving and help prevent blockages at the intersection.

Introducing the newest additions to the Tawanka Family

Ms. Katie Houser - Art Teacher

Mr. Patrick Cassidy - Band Teacher

Mrs. Katie Burke - A.E. Teacher

Ms. Anglea Chiesa _ IU Teacher

MS. Carissa Vandersluis - Social Worker

Welcome Note from our Counselor

Hello Tawanka Families,

Welcome back to another school year, I hope you all enjoyed your summer! Looking forward to our Tawanka students getting through these first few weeks and back into the routine of school. Please remember to check book bags and read our newsletter for the most up to date happenings here at Tawanka. I am excited to announce that I am hosting two student interns over the course of this school year so I look forward to having these graduate students get to know our building, staff, and students. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Courtenay Duffy

Mr. Gregory, Coordinator of Student Affairs

A PSA from the CSA: Public Service Announcement from the Coordinator of Student Affairs!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year…we are looking forward to many good times. As the Coordinator of Student Affairs, I handle the majority of school wide discipline and safety concerns. I help to facilitate school wide functions and support the school wide positive behavior initiative. I have created an intramural sports program for the fourth grade that occurs during recess. In addition to above listed duties I assist the principal with many other areas. If I can ever be a help to you or your child, please do not hesitate to reach out at Rgregory@neshaminy.org

Nurses Corner


· Medication (prescription or over the counter) cannot be given at school without a doctor’s order/ note. Medication must be in a labeled pharmacy container.

· Flu season is upon us! Remind students to practice handwashing. Please ensure your student gets plenty of rest, eats a healthy diet and encourage fluids to help keep illness away! You may consider getting a flu shot as well.

· Letters will be coming home for students with incomplete immunizations and in need of a physical or dental.

· It’s always a good idea to send a spare set of clothing in case of spills or accidents.

· Please call with any questions or concerns 215-809-6316

Physical Education

Hello and welcome back! Here are some pictures of Mr. Wyatt‘s third-grade class playing fun games with hula hoops.

Music Department

Tawanka students had the opportunity to watch the district music teachers perform the different instruments available to elementary students in the Neshaminy School District. 3rd & 4th grade can join the orchestra and 4th grade can join the band. Any questions, please contact Ms. Kirsch, HKirsch@neshaminy.org for the string instruments and for band please contact Mr. Cassidy, pcassidy@neshaminy.org.


Kicking off the new year with School Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) Rewarding students for their good behavior thru the Tawanka Tokens Rewards program.

PTO News

Sign Up for My School Anywhere to see what events are coming up. Paper flyers will NOT be sent home with only a few exceptions. You can use it to make payments, receive alerts on upcoming events, access class rosters, sign up to volunteer, sign up for upcoming events and much more…..Just click the link below to get started: Password is: Tawanka


Upcoming Events

  • 9/21 School Store
  • 9/21 Kids Stuff Book Orders due-if you do not want the Kids Stuff Books please send back
  • 10/4 PTO Meeting
  • 10/8 -10/12 Coins for Cancer fundraiser
  • 10/12 Pink Out
  • 10/18 Shadybrook Farm Night Out

Spirit Wear will be on sale soon!

Food Allergy Reminders

In order to accommodate the various health needs of students, the following food practices are to be followed with regard to school/classroom events such as celebrations, parties, or rewards.

Overall, teachers are requested to avoid food-related events as much as possible. However, periodic events involving food are permitted. A teacher may choose to avoid or limit the type of food consumed within his or her classroom in order to address specific needs within the classroom. In order to help provide clarity in our routines, the Tawanka staff is expected to follow the guidelines below:

  • Restrictions and limitations related to specific, identified health needs must be honored (504, IEP, or other documentation).

  • A “party in a bag” routine is often our primary option (Children bring own food and drink.), especially in classrooms where children have allergy issues.

  • Food shall not be shared by students.

  • If a food event other than a party in a bag is scheduled, Tawanka staff shall:

    • Provide specific and limited options to parents regarding what will be offered during the event.

    • Provide brand and product-specific information.

    • Provide nutrition and ingredient information by photo copy or digital photo to the health office and families of students with food allergies.

      • Parents will sign-off with approval, or with limitations on what a child may consume.

  • Homemade items may not be provided to students.

  • No in-class production of food may occur.

    If a teacher wishes to provide a pizza, pretzel, or similar food reward, they shall inform parents of the type of pizza (plain) and the name of the restaurant providing the pizza. A permission slip with this information shall be sent home and signed by a parent.

Seasonal events:

  • Parents may send in food and non-food items, provided they are coordinated with the classroom teacher.

In addition- there is a "PEANUT FREE" table in the cafeteria during lunch. Those students with allergies as determined by the parents and nurse will sit at that table.