Anne Frank a Hidden Life

By Mirjam Pressler


Anne Frank a Hidden Life isn't your typical book about the Holocaust. It gives you a different perspective than most other books created about this tragedy will. This book centers around the personal life of Anne Frank, it expresses her feelings and tells about what she went through while she was in hiding. It takes bits and pieces of her diary and explains more thoroughly what she was thinking about when writing that.

Her Mom, Dad, Sister and others that she was hiding alongside are also described in great detail. The book even discusses the end of her diary, arrest ,deportation, and very tragic but eventual death. If you are interested in knowing more about the lives of those running from Hitler's Nazi army, then you should definitely give this book a try.

Real Life Facts:

1. Anne ended her diary on August 1, 1944, just three days before being arrested.

2. Anne's father, Otto Frank, survived time he spent in camp Auschwitz, only to return and find his daughters had perished.

3. Anne and her sister Margot had both died of typhus at around the same time.

The kind of person who would enjoy this book is someone who wants to learn about life outside the camps. If you are interested in learning about what is was like as a prisoner of the Nazi army, than this book isn't for you.

Non-Fiction; 3 out of 5 stars