Grade Four Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

Summer Term - Week 10 Mon 6th June - Fri 10th June 2016

Language Arts

This week, we come to the conclusion of our Persuasive Writing unit of work. The students have written some excellent persuasive letters and essays, which have been published using a Google Doc and really do show the learning that the children have acquired. It’s been wonderful to see their writing have such meaning and passion, as they wrote about a cause that is now something they feel very strongly about.

In reading this week, the students have continued to read their group reading texts and whole class text. They have completed a ‘dust jacket’ task, whereby they have to fill out a number of elements of the cover of a book including the title, illustration, author, publisher, synopsis and reviews. This has been a great activity to use and apply all of the knowledge they have gained from the story they are reading.


This week in Maths has been all about revising in preparation for Friday's end of year assessment review.

The children were once again taken through the revision process which included thinking back, looking back, identifying areas for development, practice and reflection.

By learning this important, lifelong skill, we know that they will have been more prepared, more confident and more ready to show their development.

Next week, we conclude our Mathematics year with a challenge that will see the children applying a great deal of their knowledge and skills into an open ended task to design a fictitious fantasy theme park. In addition to their Mathematical knowledge and skills, they will also be able to make link to the Language Arts writing unit!


The Grade 4 classrooms have been in a hype of activity this week as the children prepared and delivered their presentations to promote the Beyond the Haze Mufti Day next week.

The children have demonstrated enthusiasm, creativity, cooperation and purposefulness by creating posters, palm cards and slides to support their presentation. As a team of teachers, we have been most proud of all of the courage and confidence displayed by our students throughout this process - the future of our world is in good hands!

One of the messages the children have been promoting this week is: What can we do to help? There are many answers to this question but our main objective is to continue to raise awareness of this issue. As this is an ongoing problem, we hope these children will continue to be environmental advocates in the future.

We look forward to sharing some of these presentations with you next week at our celebration of learning.

Home Learning - Week 11

As it is the final week of the year, we are giving the children a well earned break from home learning.

However, the Grade 4 teaching team would like to take this opportunity to say a great big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to all of the Grade 4 children for the diligence, responsibility, perseverance and purposefulness shown in their home learning this year.

It is part of our planning that, as the year has progresses, the complexity and expectations of the projects increases. At the same time, the projects also encourage and require more and more independence and specific focus. This can often be a steep and difficult learning challenge for Grade 4 children to meet.

Needless to say, the children have embraced the extra responsibility, risen to the challenge brilliantly and produced some outstanding pieces of work.

We would also like to offer an equally big THANK YOU to you parents too. Without your encouragement and support we are sure that the home learning this year would not have been quite as successful as it has been.

We really are confident that the strategies and techniques, combined with the knowledge, skills and understanding learned this year in their home learning will carry the Grade 4 children into Grade 5 and beyond with increased awareness, confidence and capabilities.

Virtue of the Week


Thankfulness is being grateful for what you have.

It is an attitude of gratitude for learning, loving and being.

It is appreciating the little things that happen around you and within you every day.

It is having a sense of wonder about the beauty of this world.

It is being aware of the gifts in your life.

Beyond the Haze Mufti Day

Grade 4 students have been learning about how the lives of people in one country are affected by the activities of people in another country, in relation to natural disasters and extreme weather events. They have been learning more about the haze in Singapore and steps we can take to go beyond the haze.

As a result of this, we will be holding a Beyond the Haze Mufti Day on

Tuesday 14th June.

We will be asking the children to wear black and make a donation to the

'Beyond the Haze' initiative.

'Beyond The Haze' is a self-funded community group that is all about raising awareness about the root causes and broader effects of rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia. All funds raised will go directly to an organisation on the ground in Sumatra called Wildlife Asia. They are working toward curbing the illegal burning of forests in the region.

To accompany this fundraising effort, the Grade 4 children will be preparing a presentation for each class in the school to educate and raise awareness. They will be explaining some of the reasons behind this campaign and what we as individuals can do to help. There will also be posters around the school from next week.

Many thanks for supporting this important initiative at such a busy time of year.

Grade 4 Expedition Photo File

To provide a full picture of our expedition, we have created a folder containing all of the photographs taken during our stay at the Kulim Eco Resort.

Below is a small taster of the action; the whole folder can be accessed by clicking on the link below;


Looking Ahead

Tue 14 Jun - G4 Celebration of Learning 8:00-8:30am and Beyond the Haze mufti day

Fri 17 Jun - Summer Term ends


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