A planet that is mostly water can be your new home!

Planetary Description

Atlantis 2.0 could be our new home! Recent discoveries have shown that the super planet Kepler 22b or "Atlantis 2.0" could sustain human life. it takes 620 lightyears to get there, so you would age 4 years. If you are 15 on earth, you would be 18.98 or 19 years old. The planet is mostly liquid water but with our technology we could make it habitable. Its distance from its sun is 79 million miles. The orbital period is .79 years and the average temperature is 72 degrees or 22 C. This is not too hot and not too cold weather so it is perfect!

Pros of living here

  • There is nice temperature and liquid water, so it will always feel like a day by the pool or at the beach.
  • Human life could evolve with new adaptations.
  • People don't age as much other planets.


  • If you weigh 180 pounds on earth you would weigh 74.5 pounds on Atlantis 2.0.
  • With our advanced technology, we could build places that can sustain a good amount of water to live in the oceans.
  • The diameter of the planet is 19002 km.
  • The mass of Atlantis 2.0, is 14 x earth = 8.3608025.
  • There are no moons or rings around this planet.