Sayona's Shopping Session

By: Sayona Ambastha 5th Math Mcmeen


Sayona and Brooke went to the mall and went to their first stop, which was at H&M, she had already bought pair of pants for $10.48, Sayona also saw a shirt she wanted to buy, each shirt on the rack cost for $7.60. If she already has spent $33.28, how many of the shirts did she buy?

*She bought 3 shirts, 7.60 x 3 = $22.80*

Forever 21

Next on her shopping session, Sayona and Brooke entered to Forever 21. She loves the store, but she doesn't want to spend more than $100. She then sees some necklaces which she took a likng for, the necklaces were $24.95 each. How many necklaces can she buy?

*She bought 4 necklaces, 2495 x 4.008 ->4= 10000*

Lunch Break

Sayona and Brooke was getting tired from shopping and decided to take a break for lunch. Out of all of the appealing eateries, she decided on Chick-Fil-A. Sayona ordered 2 combo meals for herself and Brooke. Both combo meals included hamburgers (H) and fries (F), but Sayona chose a soft drink (D) and Brooke chose a chocolate shake (S). How would this be written in a distributive form?

*Sayona and Brooke order 2 burgers, 2 fries, 1 shake and 1 drink*

Bath & Body Works

Sayona and Brooke's last stop on the trip was at bath & body works, since she smelt disgusting after the whole shopping trip. Sayona liked a body mist where the first bottle cost $12.00 and $2.00 for each additional bottle. Brooke liked a body mist where each bottle cost $4.00. How many body mists can Sayona and Brooke buy for themselves where the price will cost them the same?

*It will cost Sayona and Brooke $24.00, and they would have 6 bottles of body mist each.*

Why I chose this topic

I chose shopping because I always have fun when I go shopping, I get to hang out with my friends and eat at the food court. I also like all of these stores, and went to all of these stores with my friend Brooke.