Creative Cooking Italian Recipe

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Recipe Introduction

This is the Italian recipe that I chose for my March 2013 creative cooking class at my school. I chose this recipe because I love the taste of basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. This was the best recipe because it was easy and quick and it includes all of those ingredients. This recipe is quick so therefore it is easy to make multiple yields for any amount of people.


16 skewers


1 pint cherry tomatoes

1/2 package fresh basil leaves

2 package (16 ounce) package small fresh mozzarella balls


3 Tbl spoons olive oil

Salt and pepper

Step 1

Collect all of your ingredients for the recipe
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Step 2

Wash the tomatoes and basil
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Step Three

Rip the basil leaves into medium size leaves and fold them in half
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Step Four

Add the tomatoes first, then the cheese then the basil and repeat until the skewer is full
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Step Five

Spread olive oil all over the ingredients on the skewers and sprinkle salt and pepper on them for taste
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One major thing that I changed to the recipe was the use of skewers instead of tooth picks. I did this because toothpicks were to small to fit all of the ingredients on and it makes more sense to use skewers.

This recipe is very quick and easy and has a small amount of steps making this recipe quick and easy.

Make sure with the basil that you make sure the basil leaves are small because the basil adds a very strong taste to the recipe and sometimes the taste can be unpleasant

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