Describe the animal

Chipmunks are the smallest members of the squirrel family.

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How is it born? How does the mother care for it’s young?

They stay with parents for 2 months before going out on their own.

How does it get its food? What does it eat?

Chipmunks will hold their food in their cheeks until they get back to their burrow. They feed on nuts, berries, seeds, and grains.

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Where does it live, and what are some of its habitats?

They are found in North America and Asia. They normally are found foraging for food.

Who are it’s enemies, and how does it defend itself?

The chipmunks enemies are hawks, weasels, coyotes, marten, foxes, and snakes. It hides from them in its nest that is made of grass and shredded leaves

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