Team Dazzle & Dream

February 2014 Newsletter

Spring has Sprung!

ZipTop Utility Totes kicked off our Spring Sales like crazy! I sold 41 myself and I know by our stats that this special lit a fire in YOUR business!

To say I'm proud of those that submitted orders this month is putting it lightly. This month was so tough for the entire country, with our wonky weather!

For the first time ever, Home Office put a freeze on Director's demoting because they recognized that the elements worked against us and many parties were cancelled.

This special is just the beginning of an amazing sales season. The March Specials are already flying out of the catalog, and start thinking about pumping up your customers for April!

More below on that. . . . .but for now, check out my stats:

Your Director's Stats


Personal Volume: $2088

Recruits: 3

Paycheck w/o leadership: $515.75

Paycheck because I chose leadership: $902.82

$200 Club (Personal Volume)

Rachal Robinson $210

Stacie Van Zuidam $210

Tracey Firkus $363

Brooke Currier $418

Dawn Sullivan $430

Jamie Adams $432

Awesome job, ladies!

$500+ Club (Personal Volume)

Christine Cherney $600

Maureen Domask $683

Becky Knoll $715

Carol Delegan $833

Susan Peterson $914

WOW! Way to keep the winter blues away!! So proud of you all!

$1000+ Club (Personal Volume)

Kari Barlow $1148

Amanda Mrozek $2758

HOLY HANNAH! Way to go, Kari and Amanda!! You are pulling some Director numbers there!

Congratulations to AMANDA MROZEK for not only being TOP SELLER in February with $2758, but for also BEATING YOUR DIRECTOR!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! This girl is on FIRE!

Dream Builders

Angela Myers: 3 new team members

Carol Delegan: 1 new team member

YAY Carol!! I'm so excited to see you looking for leadership!


Jennifer Kurosky

Amy Bosteder

Jenna Kerstner

Susan Peterson

I'm grateful you've joined us on this amazing journey and very excited for what lies ahead for each of you! The opportunities are endless! I started with that same $99 kit investment and look where I'm going. . . . . I'd love for you to join me!


-Check out the Conference Bucks Information on the bottom of this page!

- Strong Start Call EVERY Monday Night!! This is MANDATORY! New Consultants you should make an effort to get on this call! Great Information and you only need to listen ONCE! Its the same info each week from a great director. An amazing Director will offer you some amazing techniques to "Jump Start" your business! Call is at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST:

Conference Dial-in Number: (661) 673-8600

Participant Access Code: 608238#

**New Training Call each Monday at 9:00 pm EST/8:00 pm CDT

Call subject will rotate each week with a new perspective and fresh ideas from your Thirty One Directors!

Free Conference Call Participant Access Code: 775149# Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-2100
Mondays- 9pm (eastern)

Upcoming Calls:

Booking; March 17th- Krysta Whedon

Selling; March 24th- Ashley Woodham

Recruiting; March 31st - Dawn Bakazan

Booking; April 7th- Charolette Cockerham

Selling; April 14th-Michele Eliason

Recruiting: April 21st- Angela Myers

***Home Office Business Updates:

  • New hostess coaching checklist coming!!!
  • Spring flash sale MARCH 16-22
    Extra PV! A Week LONG sale on page 34 from catalog they will be 50% off with a minimum "buy". It will count for a Customer Special for March. Any questions just ask me!
  • This would be GREAT to book a party that week! Just imagine the possibilities for next week!
  • Home Office will be sending an email on our behalf about flash sale & we can offer at our party (or catalog parties) as well.
  • Summer Ready, Set, Sell will be April 1st-15th. More info to come but make sure you have 1 or 2 parties booked to CLOSE by the 15th of April!

March Special:

Spend $35 and get any of 5 totes for 50% off


The April Special is amazing. It's important you start telling customers about it NOW and even allow them to give you pre-orders. These duffles will NOT be in the catalog, so this is their chance to get them.

I had several customers purchase the big duffle last April, and after they received it, they wished they would have purchased more.

Don't let your customers miss this opportunity!

What Can I Do?

I'd love to help you with your business! If you'd like a coaching call, I'd be happy to talk to you when it works on your schedule! Contact me immediately to set a time!

Don't forget: has tons of great training calls and videos! 31 minute calls are AWESOME to jumpstart your business!

**I am in the middle of a big move, so I ask for patience and grace over the next few weeks. Thank you!

Angela Myers

I'm a mother to 3 young children and a wife to an amazing man. Formally a teacher, I've become a full-time Director with Thirty-One, enabling me to be home with my children and pursue my own dreams. It all started because I just wanted that discount. . . . . .