Bill of Rights

By: LaRaya Dorrough, 5th Period History

What is the bill of rights?

The Bill of Rights is a document that lists the rights of the people.

1st Amendment: Freedoms, Petitions, Assembly

The first amendment is simply there to remind us that you can speak your mind about how you feel on any topic.

2nd Amendment: Right to Bear Arms

The second amendment states that you are allowed to protect yourself with a weapon/gun.

3rd Amendment: Quartering of Soldiers

The third amendment is there so soldiers cannot come into your house and demand to stay there.

4th Amendment: Search and Arrest

The fourth amendment states that the police must have a reason and a warrant to search you or your house.

5th Amendment: Rights in Criminal Case

The fifth amendment makes sure that you can never be accused of the same crime twice.

6th Amendment: Right to Fair Trial

The sixth amendment makes sure that you don't sit in jail while the court is trying to make you a case.