Be a Hero, Hug a Baby

A crash course on the affects of child maltreatment.

"What kinds of abuse are there?"

Physical abuse like punching and beating. There's neglect, sexual abuse, and also emotional maltreatment which can be isolation, ridicule, terrorization... you get the point.

"Does this even happen that often?"

Child Protective Services received around 3.3 million referrals for alleged maltreatment of about 6 million children in 2006. And 1,530 children died from maltreatment with 41% attributed to neglect.

"Parents are the ones hurting the child?"

Around 80% of the cases, the wrong doing is committed by a parent, usually the mother. The reasoning can be several things such as poverty, lack of education, alcoholism, depression, or even antisocial behavior.

"What can I do?"

Raise awareness! Tell your friends. There are many free services that include Parents Anonymous that can really prevent any more abuse from happening and having the child being taken to Child Protective Services.

"What happens if the abuse continues?"

A third of victims end up abusing their own children and it becomes a cycle. Emotional instability and social relationships become a big obstacle.There is a greater chance of depression.