Physical Therapy Internship 2014

Alicia Holbrook

Where was your internship?

1915 West Park Drive, Suite 102, North Wilkesboro, NC, 28659

How have you grown?

I have grown by deciding that this career is not for me, I understand that people need patience when you are working with them.

To Help You Feel Better

How do I do this? He`s usually askers my questions as best as he can.

I ask him if he wants me to do anything for him.

How will your internship help you decide your future?

By taking this class I learned that Physical Therapy is not for me. PT is really boring and then you get into doing the same thing every day. I want something exciting.

Something I Was Proud To Complete In My Internship?

I am now able to pop some ones back to make them feel better, but sometimes I cant because I`m not strong enough.

I know how to give an ultrasound and do the Iontophoresis treatment which is the medicine machine, it sends volts threw your skin helping what`s in pain.

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The Most Important Thing I Learned?

I learned about what PT does and how to do everything. I also learned it looks easy but actually it is quit hard when it comes to explaining how and why this happened, because you have to learn muscles and bones.