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Earthquakes make the earth shake and is followed by seismic waves.

What causes earthquakes?

Earthquakes usually happen near cracks . The plates meet at the faults. Then, the plates push against each other and causes one plate to move under another and cause an earthquake.

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A richter scale measures earthquakes. 6.0 or higher are very very strong earthquakes. A seismograph measures and show us how much the earth moves during an earthquake.

Sometimes, you can't feel the earthquake. The main cause of earthquakes is the pressure within the earth's crust. Earthquakes shaking are followed by seismic waves through the earth's crust.

Charles Richter created the "Richter Scale" in 1935. Small earthquakes are called "microquakes". If an earthquake is measured under a 2 on a richter scale, the it can only be told on a seismometers.

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Fault- Cracks in earth's crust

Plate- A giant sheet of rocks in earth's crust

Seismic Waves- Vibration