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Today we interview Hamus Lumborg,a Babylonian blacksmith, all info is is below.

Hamus Lumborg info






50 shekels of silver


“6 5”


One Son, Wife, 3 girls


Friend of Hammurabi


53 years old




Kicking piglets/rats

Shop Name

Hammurabi’s Blade of Wisdom

The Interview

Me: So Hamus can you tell us something about your daily life?

Hamus: When I get out of bed I eat a fish for breakfast.

Me: How is your job?

Hamus: It pays nicely, but is difficult to get.

Me: How so?

Hamus: Well, only strong guys can be blacksmiths. And I wasn’t that strong when I decided I was going to work like I do now.

Me: Thanks Hamus.


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Works of Art

Agricultural Update

A new system called irrigation is turning flood waters into your plant’s water source. They save lives and prevent starvation. The roads will not be flooded like normal. The system of irrigation is made up of a puzzle of dikes, canals, and ditches. They go through fields and deliver water to the plants and the farms of Mesopotamia. Tomorrow a massive flood may be prevented because of irrigation. Even king Hammurabi supports it! That concludes our agricultural update for today, and our newspaper! Come back tomorrow for more updates and interviews!

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