Botswana South Africa

presentation on weather and climate by: Jane Echols

This is where Africa is located in a world map

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This is where Botswana is located in Africa

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Botswana's location

Botswana is a landlocked country (does not have access to the sea) located in southern Africa. It is bordered by Zimbabwe to the northeast, South Africa to the south and southeast, and Namibia to the north west.

Who was my contact person?

My contact person was my uncle Peter. He has lived in Botswana Africa his whole life! He said the weather is usually nice temperature wise. Its usually very dry or very wet. I thought that it would be very hot and dry but it is surprisingly nice!

Is it a small city large city or out of the country?

It is a large city out of the country

seasons in South Africa

South Africa does not really experience four distinct seasons. Throughout South Africa the transitional seasons of Autumn and Spring tend to be very short. Most analysis of climate is done using the assumption that January is mid-summer and July min-winter. Right about now they would be experience summer.


The highest temperature for March 6th 2015 would be 78. The lowest would be 60. The highest for this week will be 82. The lowest for this week will be 55.


South Africa usually has lots of humidity. Its usually relitivily moist there.
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What kind of weather does Bostwana experience?

The rain comes in Botswana most in March and December. April and May are usually very nice with very nice temperatures and clear blue skies! From June to August the night-time temperatures in drier areas can be close to freezing. September to October, when temperatures climb again, drying the landscapes.

Current climate?

The current climate is warm and very dry.

What is near Botswana?

Botswana is right by a big lake. Sometimes is goes through a drought because of how dry it can get there

Is it by mountains?

Botswana doesn't have any mountains it is pretty flat.

Is it prone to hurricanes or tornados

South Africa has pretty bad tornadoes. Specifically Botswana doesn't have too many.


30.00 S, 25.00 E

Botswana is not near the equator it is south of it.

If my city moved?

If my city moved south it would get much more humid and cold