Sweet Tooth Culture

If you like vegetables your not welcome!


In Candy Land all citizens are treated equally. We believe in no superior being. All of our laws we made by the citizens of Candy land. We believe that this is the best way to run our country and the only way we choose to run things.


- Can only consume candy products manufactured by the people of Candy Land.

- Citizens are only to wear bright colorful clothing on a daily basis.

- Hate and disrespectful comments are forbidden in Candy Land.

- We have a ZERO tolerance for bullying.

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In Candy Land we do practice the Buddhist religion. Every morning citizens are expected to find time for a morning meditation and an afternoon meditation. Meditation is used to find inner peace to clear ones mind. Citizens are also expected to practiced dharma at the work place. We are also to be mindful of others and practice bhuddism through the day every day.
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In our economy we have palaces made of candy for every citizen in Candy Land. In Candy Land EVERYTHING is candy. We have shopping stores for citizens like shopping malls. our citizens are always happy and cheerful.

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Daily Life

Clothing: bright colors, the style can be any type you want it to be.

Sports: volleyball, everyone will participate in this sport we will lessons to people that are just learning.

Dance: We have a native candy call dance. It is believed that back in the day the candy call dance made the candy gods rain candy.

Food: CANDY.....that's it.