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Why use Gyprock Aquachek in damp areas of your external rooms?

The name Gyprock is familiar to people all over the world, and is the name of a brand of plasterboards and plaster boards that are built in behind the wall of homes and outdoor spaces. There are several different types of plasterboard, any of which can be used when building a straightforward wall in a home. However, where there is damp, or when the wall will be on an external or alfresco room, then it can be important to use a different type of plasterboard, known as Aquachek. This is from the same company, but it has the great advantage of being able to resist higher levels of damp and humidity, making it ideal for external spaces where there is not much protection against the climate. It is also a perfect surface for the external layer of the wall, protecting tiles and wood panelling from slipping away from the frame due to damp.

Why do I need Aquachek in my outdoor living rooms?

If you are one of the many Australians who have decided to move some of their living space out into their garden, then you need to have Aquachek built into the space. Having water-protection boards like Gyprock Aquachek is required by Australian building code, where it demands that wet areas, or those which may suffer from damp or humidity, need to have waterproofing boards installed into their frames. When you are having the outdoor area constructed, you need to be aware of the possibilities of damp, and ensure that your builders install the best possible products for your walls and ceiling.

You can also improve the appearance of the outdoor living area with a combination of Aquachek lining and white-lining to make your new alfresco ceiling match those of your home's other rooms. This means that you can get a beautiful looking ceiling while still being certain that there is not likely to be any damage from water coming into the room. If you want to have plaster ceilings on your alfresco areas, then you will need water-proof board fitted to ensure the plaster stays where it is placed.

How should the board installation be managed?

When you want ceilings or walls fitted with Gyprock Aquachek, the boards must be fitted into the spaces while the room is still being constructed. The board will be put onto the frames, and sealed into position so that water cannot get through cracks and spaces. The ceiling and walls will then be covered with a sealant, which helps to prevent the boards from becoming damaged, before the plaster is put onto the dry seal. That, too, will be covered with a sealant to ensure that water is kept out of the built surfaces.

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