My year at a glance

About me

im a 15 year old who was born in Lubbock and shortly after moved to Waikiki Hawaii. a little later i moved back because our family was here. iv been to most states like California Florida Colorado new mexico and Oklahoma. traveling is my favorite. especially when in involves a beach or city. when i graduate i want to go to college to become a marine mammal trainer . like for dolphins and whales. and after that move back to Hawaii.

My Year

My Friends

i always make friends but i don't ever get close to people so i don't get hurt. i just make sure there's always someone for me to sit with during lunch and in the mornings and stuff. But this year i made some best friends. im okay with not having friends but im really glad i met these people because they make me a better person. they have been with me the whole year and stayed my friend even when i was at DAEP and half the school was saying ugly things about me. they stayed by my side and helped me get through it . i don't know what i would do with out them..

School Year

This has been my best and worst year ever. i made best friends and had some fun. But i got sent to daep and had to deal with the consequence of the whole school knowing what i did when i got back and had to deal with people thinking im trash and being talked about until they had someone else to talk about... I hate ignorance and drama and thats almost all there is in this school. its stupid and frustrating when your at the wrong end of it. im ready for next year and a clean slate but i want a long summer first !

Disney land

is my favorite place in the world. i went last summer for the first time and i honestly don't think iv ever been happier. i felt like a little kid again in a good way. you dont have to worry about anything except maybe riding all the fun rides. it was an adventure and i would do it every summer if i could. While i was there i learned about millionaires who lived there. like they would just stay there all year. 3 months in each resort and 3 days away at family's (because you can stay 365 days a year) so now its my goal to become a millionaire just so i can live there.
Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks


little talks by of monsters and men is my theme song. its upbeat and random. and the video is insane. there a folk band from iceland who won battle of the bands in 2010. there still not very popular but once you hear a song you fall in love with them. this song is also my ringtone

advice for next year

the only difference between sophomore year and freshman year is sophomore year is better. you know more about how the school works you have friends and you know where things are.