From your friendly neighborhood IFs

for the week of Jan. 11, 2016

This week's events

Monday: ILT in the Library from 3:00-4:30
Teacher Directed if not an ILT rep.
Tuesday: Collaboration in the library from 3:45-4:30
Wednesday: PBIS Committee Meeting in the library

Reminder - Language Intervention Groups will be cancelled this week in order for Mrs. Aragon to prepare and plan for the new ELL program with her paras

Thank for your intentional work with Mari last week!

I had the opportunity to sit in on all six planning sessions with Mari last week and was able to hear many great next steps grade levels are taking to ensure that your instruction is intentional to support all learners. I did my best to take notes on the conversations and action steps so that you can be supported in your implementation. Any work that wasn't completed or lead to more discussion can be continued during your PD/GLT sessions as needed. As always, please reach out to your IFs or administration should you need any support in this work.

3rd, 4th, and 5th - don't forget to schedule a time to give the DAZE assessment!

CWTs Focus

Upcoming CWTs will be conducted looking at how we can support you in implementation of the Opinion Writing plans, Intensive Readers plans, language block instruction and any individual requests. Like Maria shared last Monday, asking for plans and conducting CWTs with those specific "look-fors" is for the purpose of accountability for the admin/IF team to know what is happening in classrooms and ways to support you. Our job is to help remove as many barriers as possible so that full, effective implementation can be taking place in all classrooms. Please let us know if you have questions regarding this.

DIBELS Testing

The testers are finishing up intermediate classrooms today ( 4th and 5th grade are completely done, except absent students) with the remaining third grade classrooms. 2nd was started last week and will be next on the list. Linda has been very quick about entering data and usually sends an email to the teacher/team when it's in. Please double check your scores for any data that throws up a red flag. In the past, numbers have been keyed wrong throwing off scores. If students seem usually low compared to progress monitoring, please let Emily, Yolanda or me know so they can be retested. Also, double check your reading class list for any students who don't belong (or should belong) to you. Once your data is complete, let your IF know and we can print you a color copy. When you team data is in, please add a DIBELS analysis to your GLT calendar. Thank you again for your patience during testing!
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