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Basic Math operations

—+ (add),

—- (subtract)

—/ (divide)

—* (multiply)

—^ (Exponents)

Regular Division

Rounds the decimal portion if assigned to an integer.

Integer Division

cuts off the decimal portion and returns the integer ( \ )

Ex: —19 \ 5 = 3

Modulus Division

returns the remainder resulting form the division (mod)

Ex: —19 Mod 5 = 4

Order of operarions

P- Perenthesis

E- Exponet

M- Multipilcation

D- Division

A- Addition

S- Subtraction

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is Dick Cheney the only teacher at your school?

A: Yes


Note: Never go hunting with any of our staff as you might get into a hunting "accident" with them. If you do choose to go hunting with any of our staff you must sign a waiver stating that the school is not resposible for any "accidents" that may happen.

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